Autobiography: Alphonse Turner Jr

In everyone’s mind, there are always some great times, experiences and events. Childhood happens to be one those n... Details >>

Personality Analysis

One’s personality is accounted as an important identity of one person. Practically, this fact is an accepted matte... Details >>

Personal Statement

In this era of information and technology, globalization is putting the entire world including businesses, into an irres... Details >>

Learning how to drive

Learning how to drive is a very important skill. I learnt how to drive two years ago. Before I acquired this skill, I ha... Details >>

Letter of Recommendations

The letter of recommendation for any position or a promotion is to give an overall assessment of the candidate’s p... Details >>

My Mentor

My mentor’s name is Dr. Oluyemi Ekwe, a communications manager at National Bureau of Statistics. He is an intellig... Details >>