Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

Childhood Memories

Any age our life is full of events. However, there are events which are like bright flashes. These are flashes of our feelings. They instantly illuminate the life and fill it with new meanings. With them the soul of a man is growing and changing, but sometimes we manage to notice just how our body grows. Hence, the brightest moments happen in our childhood, when being small we perceived the whole world completely differently.

My earliest childhood memories are about my mother – the most precious person to me in the world. I remember when we were walking through a park, eating ice-cream and candies. Smiles, stories, good humor, lots of toys and sweets – this is what my childhood means to me. I remember how we waited for family New Year's and birthdays. A human being is escorted with holidays, with its beauty and solemnity, from early childhood. They make life more colorful, diverse and joyful. Of course, I associated my childhood with gifts. Some of them I am still keeping, because they are dear to me as a memory of unforgettable fun and happy days.

I remember how we, being small children, were well-dressed and happy to be in the first class. We considered ourselves adults because were students. I was escorted by all my family and wished a good journey. I remember the first lesson and my teacher's words: “Good afternoon, children!” From lesson to lesson, from class to class, we opened and mastered the supreme values of life at school every day. Now, seeing little first-graders, I remember my own first days at school and compare myself to them. I was just as restless, confused and sometimes moderately curious. Each of us has different memories about the childhood years, but it brings us to our carefree and happy childhood. 



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