Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

Engineering of Texas A&M University

Generally, I am extremely enthusiastic about life and what it has to offer. My background has highly contributed to building positive thinking within me. The people around me, especially my parents greatly support me in my endeavors. Through experience, I have learnt to maintain the right company in order to sustain my moral standards. I highly believe in hard work and my mentors have illustrated the importance of utilizing one’s potential in pursuit of success. I am surrounded by people that highly regard success in all terms. They believe that it is admirable to succeed in anything that one is involved in. I have learnt that success is achieved through maintaining a strong will to pursue a mission.

In life, I have been extremely privileged to encounter certain opportunities that have boosted and built my potential and values. I have also worked in various electrical stores around my town in order to earn an honest living. My family is not financially stable. Generally, I am industrious because I believe the only way to earn money is by working. During this period, I learnt a lot of information concerning electricity and the electrical components. I have gained certain technical skills such as fixing and repairing electrical components.

Furthermore, I have also developed marketing skills, and I have received various short contracts in companies and public offices concerning installation and repairing of electrical items. Through these jobs, I have gained wide experience in the electrical field. I have also learnt a lot especially the latest technology in manufacturing electrical equipment. Throughout my working period, I have encountered various challenges and hardships. Primarily, the work in the stores is tedious and involving.

However, the wage does adequately compliment the work. Moreover, the closing and opening hours of the stores are odd. I also support my family with my insufficient wages since my parents are casual laborers. They also receive inadequate funds for a living. Being the firstborn of the family, I take care of my siblings. I also help my mother with the household chores and still go to work. I have a passionate interest in sports especially basketball.

However, the short contracts that I received have intensified my socialization with successful people. I have had the opportunity to interact and acquire professional information and guidance that would significantly aid me in the future. Commonly, I play with friends during my free time, and I also play guitar exceptionally because I like music. I am a member of an active choir group in the church. The challenges and hardships that I have encountered have built up various values within me. I have learnt to manage limited resources thus making me responsible. I have also turned to be patient and understanding with critical issues. Moreover, I have learnt the significance of resilience in life. I am certain that i will highly contribute to the excellence of the institution.

In reference to my talents, I can become an active member of the co-curricular activities in the institution. I will entirely participate in the implementation and maintenance of moral code in the institution. Moreover, I am resilient in academic work because of my determination to achieve my future goals. Furthermore, I would like to be a role model to my siblings academically and morally. I am determined to excel in my education in order to attain a better job. Through education, I am certain that I will gain extra skills. I am interested in studying the engineering field since am certain that I could contribute brilliant ideas in that field. I prefer TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY because it offers highly competitive and high quality education particularly in engineering. Moreover, I am confident that I will learn many things that will help me remain flexible in the dynamic job environment.


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