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Money is very necessary for our lives as it helps us to meet the basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes, medication, education as well as other luxuries such as entertainment, possession of luxurious homes, and cars and having fun among others. Money also helps us to invest in income generation projects aimed at sustaining not only our present but also our future needs.  However, other than the above purposes human beings have a moral duty of assisting the less fortunate in alleviating their suffering or saving lives where possible. Giving people assistance is disadvantageous in financial terms because it depletes one's resources that would have been used to further his/her development. However, it is morally wrong to watch someone suffer when you have more than you need to sustain yourself and thus it is advisable for us to spare a fraction of our income to assist the needy. The main focus should, however, be teaching them how to earn for themselves instead of concentrating much on taking care of them as this would promote dependency.


If I won $ 40 million in a lottery that would be a lot of money needed for my survival and thus I would prioritize investing in real estate so as to have a strong foundation for my present as well as the future. The next move would be devoting a fraction to help my immediate family members and friends in their income generation projects as well as education. The other step would be devoting another fraction as well as time to the charity drives against hunger especially in Africa, and thus I would join a non-profit board working to reduce the impact of hunger on the said continent especially on the children. Since the real estate project and the remnants of the money would sustain me for the rest of my life, I would prefer working for the needy in a non-profit environment just to dedicate my life to serving the less fortunate.  After spending $20 million in my private business, I would allocate $5 million to assist family and friends and another $ 5 million for other future investments and needs and the other $10 million for the charity drives against hunger.  Among the various uses of the money would be giving donations to non-governmental organizations that support hunger-stricken communities in Africa as well as the government of such countries.

Hunger is a very serious issue that affects the human population in the entire world. The problem entails the deficiency in nutritional needs of the people as well as the inadequate physical amounts of food available to an individual for consumption in a day and this leads to the susceptibility of their bodies to sickness as well as death through starvation. Among the contributors of the problem are drought, political instability, unfavorable traditional practices, and poor farming methods among others. The following are the reasons that would drive me into working and financially supporting charity movements against hunger;

Statistics depicts that a large number of people suffer from hunger all over the world. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, over 800 million people all over the world were affected by chronic hunger in 2012 and this led to losses of lives because some of the victims succumbed to the problem. It would be therefore wrong for me to sit and watch as people die of hunger when I have money and time to assist them to make their lives better. 

The other reason for me to take such a step is the impact of the issue on education. It is very important for children from all over the globe to undergo formal learning process to promote literacy as well as equipping them with skills required in the various fields of career. The children require nourishment both in their homes and schools to enable them to concentrate on their studies. The lack of food keeps children out of school as well as lowering their concentration in learning as well as pushing them out of school to help fend for their families and thus worsening the problem of illiteracy in the world. This would, therefore, drive me to dedicate part of my money to school feeding programs with the aim of attracting more children to schools and thus promoting learning. 

The other reason for me to venture into such kind of work is to address the effect of the problem on genders especially the women. The problem mainly overwhelms the ladies as opposed to men because the former are the primary caretakers of their children as well as their families. Women are more likely to sacrifice their need for food for their children and thus it would be wise to focus more on women as opposed to men. The anatomy of women demands a proper feeding to facilitate carrying of pregnancy as well as suckling their young ones. Children mainly rely on their mothers for feeding and thus it would be better to empower women so as to promote proper feeding that has the nutritional requirements for their children. Due to such roles of women in their homes and the society at large, I would, therefore, prefer working for their empowerment because they are essential pillars in many societies.

The impacts of hunger in the society are devastating and thus necessitating measures to reverse the trend. Most underdeveloped countries rely on agriculture as their major economic activity and thus their prime source of national income. Hunger in such countries implies not only a reduction of food available for human consumption but also the availability of surplus that generates income from sales both in the domestic and international markets.  For the execution of economic activities to continue, the workforce needs nourishment, and thus it is important to promote the availability of food in the hunger-stricken areas. My major concern would, however, be participating and funding the education of people on proper farming methods such as the use of drought resistant crop varieties, irrigation, and proper food storage among other issues as opposed to just donating food.

My next ambition would be advocating for a change in the cultural beliefs and practices that worsen the problem of food shortage. Some communities in less developed countries particularly those who live in the marginal areas have some traditions that inhibit the achievement of food security, and this includes relying on the rearing of traditional livestock breeds, nomadic lifestyles, and raids among others. The people ignore the idea of sustainable food crop farming that could alleviate their food shortage problems. Due to dependency on meat and few types of foods, the children suffer from malnutrition that affects their health as well as their life expectancy. My pleasure would, therefore, be working as well as financing projects that advocate for cultural change in such areas to minimize food shortage.

My other point of concern would be the advocacy for peace in the countries experiencing perennial conflicts with an aim of promoting a favorable environment for farming and other economic activities to promote food security. Many countries, especially in Africa, experience political instabilities that disrupt economic activities including farming. The violence also leads to the destruction of property including food reserves and farming fields. I would, therefore, strive to work in charitable organizations that promote peace and sustainability to promote farming efforts to reduce the hunger problem.   

My other reason for striving to work in humanitarian fields would be the promotion of humanity and individuals' wellbeing. It would be wrong for me to watch as people suffer or die from hunger while I have more money that I need for survival.  I would, therefore, wish to share my fortunes with the less fortunate by engaging in charity works to improve their lives through the promotion of the availability of food for human consumption.

The other reason I would prefer working for hunger movements in Africa is the issue of impartiality. I would not like to favor my race or give assistance based on reasons other than the needs of my beneficiaries. I would, therefore, choose Africa because most of the less developed countries that severely suffer from the problem of food shortage come from the continent. I would also wish to make a difference not only in my country but also in the rest of the world because I believe that we are one people.

The other reason that would make me consider engaging in charity work is because I think I have a right as well as the duty to assist the poor. My conscience tells me that as a human being, I should not sit and watch as someone suffer or lose his/her life in my vicinity because it is not their wish to be in such a situation. If I stash my $40 million in my bank accounts, it would not have a lot of impact in my life because it would just stay unused while there are many people suffering out there due to hunger.

In conclusion, before engaging in charity work for the less fortunate, I would try to think about the root causes of the hunger menace so as to seek a solution that addresses the problem not only in the present but also in the future. My contribution would, therefore, focus on advocating for structural changes in the affected societies to prepare the ground and provide a favorable environment for initiatives to promote food security. The reasons that would drive my intention are; the alarming numbers of people suffering from the issue impacts on education, women and the general economy. I would focus majorly on advocacy for cultural changes and the promotion of peace to facilitate economic performance. The other reasons for my desire would be the sense of humanity, the need to observe impartiality, as well as a feeling of ownership of the right and duty to help the less fortunate. 


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