Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

Event Response

Today I am going to speak my mind to you. Recently, I have visited three different concerts in three different places. First one was in a small club with a limited enter. My friend invited me and guaranteed that I would not regret. So, late in the evening I went to the place the address of which had been given to me by my friend and I got surprised. A crowd of fans, located behind large squared tables, was waiting for the beginning of the performance. I couldn’t have even imagined that there would be so many people. I found my friend and took place near him.

At that time a rock band appeared on the scene. They were greeted with a storm of ovation. Musicians introduced themselves and started performing. Honesty speaking, it was awful. Dynamics was so load that it was nearly impossible to understand the words of the song. The guitarist was playing out of tune and it reminded the sound of cats scratching the glass. Drums were monotonic and boring. One uniform bit sounded the same in all tracks. However, everybody seemed to be in high spirit. As for me, it was a silly way of wasting my time, so I left the hall in a bad mood with a splitting headache.

I went to the nearest restaurant where the live music was performed, trying to have fun while spending the rest of the night. I was lucky enough to get to the jazz concert. The melody was gorgeous and it was a pleasure to listen to it. I should mention the saxophone, which was amazing. But the most exciting were vocals. The girl who was singing had an ideal sense of rhythm. Her improvisations and leaps of timbre  relieved the old compositions, the lyrics of which were pleasing the ear. I relaxed and two hours flew in a few minutes.

Coming home, I decided to surf the Internet to choose where to go next time. I logged on the website with the information about city’s performances. After the rates and reviews were considered, my choice fell to a musical. Critics claim it to be one of the best spectacles ever. As you understand, the last place that I visited was a theater.

The concert hall was decorated in the Middle Age style so that the special atmosphere was created. As I had a ticket to the first row, I was able to observe everything from a short distance. The proscenium was in few steps from me. I could hear the musicians, warming up in the orchestra pit. Different kinds of music were played with different instruments: violins, violoncellos, contrabasses, clarinets, trombones etc. They changed the tone, pitch, and rhythm and when the musical started they became the whole symphony orchestra. It was amazing! The shivers of excitement ran over the body. It took my breath away and made the heart beats faster. The member cast was selected perfectly. And I was satisfied with everything.

Music always evokes many different emotions and feelings inside people. I experienced it myself. Everyone should choose what music to listen to, depending on their own feelings and preferences. Because the perception of different styles of music is different, everyone has his own understanding of it. On the one hand, it helps to feel better as it gives energy and strength. But on the other hand, it can make you sleepy, depressed or even aggressive. 

Some scientists have created a set of theories explaining the reasons why certain people prefer certain types of music. According to one of them. it fully depends on a temper. Another one says that it is closely connected with the cultures affiliation. Statistics says that it also depends on sex and profession of the individual.

To my mind, all factors are important. We can’t give a main role to any of them. All together they impact our interests and develop our preferences.


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