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Graduate School Essay

I am rendering my application for a graduate program in your institution seeking for an opportunity to study in your graduate school in the department of Athletic Administration. This is my major in the degree programs across the university. I have been seeking for this opportunity to many institutions and found it exceptionally advisable to trust your graduate course in prospering and advancing my career in this field.

I want to study Athletic Administration because I have a prospect that it will be of value in diversifying my experience as an athletic administrator and advance my knowledge in other fields that have been working on including coaching in basketball, outdoor tracking and as  field coach in several sports in my career. This will have an input in generating confidence within me on handling respective tasks assigned under athletic administration and carrying out duties effectively with the expertise exercised from the graduate course practical lessons. I believe in the provision and maintenance of non-negotiable high standards and quality service in all fields with athletic administration not an exemption, which is why I feel I need more knowledge in this field by pursuing a degree from the institution. My end goal is to be an expert in this field, increase my productivity, and output in the athletic profession.

I hold some experience in athletic administration as an Athletic Director at the Girls and Boys Club with expertise in administration. I also happen to hold surmountable experience as a basketball coach in a boy’s high school with expertise in advanced coaching. My greatest experiences extend as an Outdoor Track and Field coach in high school. Added to this experience is the 30 years in the teaching profession dealing, guiding and interacting with students of both sexes. During this period of my work at the Boys & Girls Clubs in high schools, I had the best opportunity of observing and working with the existing athletic administration systems used currently but my zeal is to learn more and become an expert in the same field.  I also happened to be in touch with other professionals in the same with diverse knowledge and expertise that they shared and it gives me a bigger challenge to advance my knowledge by exploring more and taking a degree course in athletic administration.

Once I obtain the degree in athletic administration from the university, I will be well equipped to explore other fields and expertise areas in athletics including baseball, that I am a fun and indoor games including tennis and badminton. It will also be a high time that I venture into professional coaching with a greater expertise in athletics. This will be of value because I will practice athletic administration as a career and pursue a job in the same field to earn a living in such a diversified field of expertise.

The athletic degree will give me a strong foundation and add to my analytical skills since the athletic profession involves many and long-term application required for the advancement of the profession. I have a belief that athletic administration is a remarkable blend of experience that can give me a chance of creativity and innovation and a chance to come up with an original point of view. I will also develop diversity in this field with an experience offered in your institution. My most valuable accomplishment has been the success of athletics performances in schools and for professionals where working with the participants will be of exceptional value in reaching my goals as an athletic administrator. I would be a pleasure to get started and complete the course in due time.


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