Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

Learning how to drive

Learning how to drive is a very important skill. I learnt how to drive two years ago. Before I acquired this skill, I had hired a driver. I always found it difficult to learn the skill for reasons I cannot explain clearly. Perhaps it was phobia. I think fear of driving arose from an accident my father and I had encountered while coming from a holiday in Mombasa.

The main rationale why I resolved to go to a driving school is that although I have a car, I always had been relying on my driver and at other times, my wife.  Today, I am much more confident while on the wheel. I am able to drive my car in any road conditions. Previously, I had been wondering if I could ever do such a thing. By the time the driving lessons were over, I had gained enough confidence to drive any type of car.

In order to acquire this skill, I had to prepare thoroughly for it. I had to wake up very early in the morning and retire to bed very late at night in order to study all the road rules and regulations.  By the time woke up to my driving examination date, I had prepared myself very well both psychologically and intellectually.

I had been asking advice from my friends, colleagues and relatives who have a driving license about how they went about preparing for the driving test when they were endeavoring to acquire some driving skills. Before I entered into the driving school, I had said prayers and requested God to let the fear disappear once and for all. If truth be told, I had been saying these very prayers many years before. It is only that these very last prayers seemed to me more significant. This is because the reality of what I was getting myself into was finally sinking in.

While entering into the driving class for the first time, I felt intimidated by my classmates, all of who were strangers. Then, the class instructor asked us a general knowledge question and I answered it correctly. Suddenly, confidence overwhelmed me and for the first time in my life, I was sure I was going to get a driving license soon.


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