Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

Letter of Recommendations

The letter of recommendation for any position or a promotion is to give an overall assessment of the candidate’s potential in excelling in the new position. In other words, the letter of recommendation is the support the candidate professional promise depending of the assessment that was done in the previous position that the candidate held. The importance of the recommendation letter is to give and highlight on the key and important areas of the student that will only show his strengths and the fitness for the position.

The letter of recommendation should be well typed, clear and precise. The following qualities make the letter look more profession and well organized and this is what most recruiters look for in the letter. Is the letter focusing on the applicant? The letter of application should concentrate on the applicant’s capabilities and promise of his fitting to the next position. Description of the applicant’s record; The letter of recommendation should highlight on the performance of the applicant in his former position as this will give a hint on how well equipped he is for the next position. The letter of application should contain an overall record of the accomplishments of the applicant for this will enable the recruiter assess the capability of the applicant. The letter of recommendation should also portray characteristics that will support the applicant through giving the recruiter an easy way to predict the potential growth of the applicant.

The letter of recommendation usually consists of three main parts, the introduction, assessment and recommendation or conclusion. Introduction part gives a general highlight of the applicant while the assessment gives the data or evidence of the capability of the applicant. The recommendation part recommends the applicant in the new position through the support of the assessment.


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