Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

My High School Diploma

A high school diploma is an official document awarded for the completion of a high school and it represents a student’s educational achievements. The official document gives me an opportunity to further my studies in post secondary institutions such as colleges and universities for a better college and employment experience. Obtaining a high school diploma enables me to take a number of vocational and elective programs directing the course of my future career.

My high school diploma is a door way to more available long-term career opportunities. It convinces an employer that I have higher self-esteem, confidence, deductive reasoning and problem solving skills which is mandatory in pursuing a career. This enables me to enter the workforce in a level that is more than simple entry, but also those that offer higher paying opportunities.

Job promotions are based on level of education and some companies prefer to promote employees with a higher education background. A high school diploma therefore serves as a baseline for promotion. Job security is also crucial in today’s economy. My high school diploma is a marketing tool as employers view me as educated and essential in running of the employment entity.

The time taken to study and taking tests, culminates in a high school diploma document. This promotes in me a sense of accomplishment, pride, finality and certainty towards future goals and aspirations. As a high school diploma holder, I remain a positive role model to kids, other students and the society in general. This will enable them work hard in school to accomplish what the graduates before them achieved, to promote competitiveness in education and higher standards of education in learning institutions.


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