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My learning experience

One of the fascinations associated with studying African-American literature is the captivating experience that it provides. This body of literature which is produced in the US by exceptional writers of African descents provides the rare experience of studying masterpieces produced with the highest of precision and expertise. Through this study I have been able to trace the origins of various outstanding pieces from as late as the 18th century by some of the literal piece maestros such as Olaudah Equiano, David Walker, Zora Neale Hurston and other renowned writers. Although most of literature lays emphasis on previous works, present authors such as Walter Mosley among others still provide a remarkable piece of study.

Through the study experiences of African-American literature, I have been able to explore an array of themes and issues that these literal works have tried to explore and expose at the same time. Most of these themes and issues mainly try to come in terms with the roles and experiences of African Americans and how they relate with the larger society in America. Through the study of these pieces of literature, I have come to be acquainted with the diverse cultures among the African American society at large. I have also come to appreciate the significance of the contributions of African Americans in propelling the culture of America to where it is today.

Some of the issues that I have come in terms with include slavery, racism, culture, equality among others. Most of these exceptional authors presented their pieces with such passion and awe in that while reading their works one gets a clear picture of what they intended to highlight while producing these literal works of art. Reading, analyzing, reflecting and defining how to apply the information in these pieces has all but assisted me to create a bigger picture and appreciate the significance of the African-American community. The particular focus on the Black Community in the United States has also helped me gain variable knowledge and learn how to appreciate various cultures.

Most of the underlying issues that these literal pieces of work try to unravel have increased my understanding as well as broaden my thinking further to the meanings of various current issues such as democracy, freedom, equality and others. I have also come to appreciate the significance of the various struggles and achievements of the descend ants of African-American origin. The rich aura of African-American literature in aspects such as poetry and music has also given me an appreciation of the prosperous aspects reminiscent in African-American literature.

Through the productive discussions of these literal pieces of works in class I have come to experience the valuable insights that diverse opinions have. The process of getting an array of views and also the approaches used has given me a wider range of thinking and how to analyze situations in various aspects. Although the gist of study in these literal pieces has been to appreciate the genre I have also learnt how to diversify my opinions and analysis so as to incorporate various ideas in both my opinions and analysis.

Reviewing the African-American literature has given me an unrivaled experience and knowhow that I have found useful in applying to other literal pieces of work. The experience gained through my study has often come in handy especially when dealing with other pieces of writings apart from African-American literature. Studying these African-American literal creations has greatly assisted me in learning the various ways in which African-Americans explore Africa and its true meaning and significance in the world. It has also helped me understand the diversity in which it appears in such as in a poetry form, songs and other forms. The literal works in African-American literature have given Africa a rebirth and its rightful place in the world and the study of these forms of literature has given me a broader perception of the continent. 

Through my chronological study of African-American literal pieces, I have come to realize that the African American literature began as fading memory that progressed to tremendous fascinations. I have come to experience the fascinations that have over the years through my study, become like a cultural reunion with the African-America community in the US. Learning first hand how Africa and its origins are portrayed has been among my tremendous achievements. Experiencing first hand through the various critics and supporters I have come to experience the various ways in which African American literature is portrayed.

The value that the study of African American literature has brought to my education as well as knowledge is to be greatly appreciated. Although through my study I have come to learn that the study is not a prerequisite for learning all the African American culture, I have come to view it as a catalyst for a comprehensive reading. It has also given me a rare opportunity in which through the study of various African American literatures, I can modify or innovate to provide a more comprehensive piece of work. Learning the various structures and themes in the story I have also come to appreciate the diversity in these masterpieces. Through the study of various works by a variety of exceptional authors, I have come to experience first hand the points of view that they have successfully tried to exhibit in their literal masterpieces.


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