Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

My Life Is Made of Three C’s

I do not remember who told this wise saying “Life is a sum of all your choices” but in some case it has a reason. Life always provides several ways to resolve any problem or several paths to go. And the only step we take defines next events and processes of our life. I used to believe in an assumption that lives of everyone are already written down in a so-called “destiny book” and nothing can be changed as it goes how it was predicted by higher reason.

But while I was growing older my world perception was changing. I understood that there are two more important factors that have the same influence on human life and my life in particular. These are chances and changes. Together with choices they create a unique system which regulates everything and controls everyone.

Chances come from nowhere. At least it seems so. But they come in a moment they are needed the most. For the first time I realized this secret in a high-school when I was thinking about higher education. Knowledge I was receiving was like fresh water for me because I always remembered the words of my mother that “knowledge is the essential thing in life in the way to success”. I studied hard, I did my best but in one moment I understood that it was not so easy to achieve the precious goal. I realized that my dream began to melt like an ice-cream. I was despaired and did not know what to do. And then I got a chance. It appeared like light in the darkness. The only chance defined my whole life. But it was only a proposition. Then I made a choice.

Making a choice always requires responsibility. I realized the risk of a serious step I was going to make. At the same time I recognized the benefit this chance could bring. So having evaluated all pros and cons I made a decision. I clearly remember that moment. I did not have any hesitation. I just knew it was right. Right time, right place and right opportunity. The most important thing was that I was ready to accept that chance. And I can say that chances come when we are ready to meet them. The same happened with me.

Sometimes people refuse to take choices and pretend they do not see number of excellent opportunities life provides them. Actually this happens not because they are not attentive or they are exactors. Fear of uncertainty and inability to foresee the future after taking decision makes them hesitate and delay happy destiny. I was always fighting with such fear because I realized that it was spoiling my life considerably. While having a psychological struggle I got an experience of driving out fire with fire. It was really an effective method. I grew older and I grew wiser.

I understood that nature of human satisfaction in life depends on changes that occur in life. Good changes bring motivation of further actions. Bad changes break any dream and take away any willingness to self-improvement. That is why I think about the consequences any decision can bring.

Changes that came after making choice influenced greatly my life. I have received a new goal and plan of actions. I began to think about how I can improve myself and how can I bring benefit to people and world around me. I do believe that everyone fells more need to be useful to other people than to earn a lot of money. I do believe that I have made the right decision.

In conclusion I would like to say that human life is short and my life is not an exception. To fall down is a part of life, to fall on knees means to live itself. To be alive is a gift. To be happy is a choice. I change myself in order to have happy and rewarding life. I get chances and make choices. I do it now because there are two times in a life: now and too late. And I do not want to regret about the lost opportunities.


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