Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

book My Palace

I want to live my life without the rush routine. Therefore, I sought for a nice, calm place, where nothing will disturb me. Moreover, I found a place, where I would build my house of dream. Lombok, the island in Indonesia is my place of choice.

My house would be a three-floor building made of wood. Garden, mostly strict, but containing bright spots of local flowers, will surround the house. It will be looked after by a gardener, who will live in his own house on its’ territory. In the backyard of the house there will be a huge swimming pool, with a couple of beach chairs and surrounded with native flora of Indonesia. Next to the swimming pool will be a garage with the car and a boat so I could drive the coastline and to go to sea.

There is a lot of free space on the first floor. The parquet floor is made of oak. Near the door, there is a little table with a vintage phone on it. The living room will occupy the largest part of the first floor. There will be a huge plasma hanging over the fireplace. A big sofa and a couple of armchairs, complemented with a large cow skin carpet on the floor, will allow me to relax while watching my favorite programs every day. Bright colors and post-modern paintings, like Andy Warhol works, will cover the walls. All of the furniture on this floor will be made of natural materials, like cherry, but still looking vintage enough due to its’ 60s and 70s design.  The orange-painted wall separates the living room from the dining room and kitchen, with an oak table, huge enough for 6 person and vintage cherry chairs. Candy bottles, plastic tea, coffee, and powder containers, along with old-fashioned salt and paper shakers are occupying shelves above the stove. There my chef would prepare my favorite meals, and traditional dishes.

The second floor will be as big as the first one, pretty much the same in design, but separated in more parts. The rooms for guests, chef, and house cleaner will be here. Tiles in different colors will decorate the bathrooms for guests and housekeeping personnel, so they could avoid entering each other’s rooms. In addition, my working place with my PC and Internet access will be on the second floor. Next to my working place, there will be a room with three closets, built in wall units, and a big mirror, so I could enjoy the dressing process.

The basement will be big, but it will not be the basement in this common meaning. My private home theater will occupy the bigger part of it. There will be three rows of extremely soft and comfortable armchairs, going downward to the big screen. Black paint and movie posters, mostly from 60s, will cover the walls. The second part of this place will be my gym. All necessary pieces of gym equipment will be present. The lamps will be built-in in the ceiling; a huge mirror will cover the entire wall. Black-and-white photos of different bodybuilders will cover the white walls. 

At last, my bedroom and bathroom will occupy entire third floor. Not the walls, but color stripes will separate the bedroom into parts. A combination of green and blue colors on the walls will create the atmosphere of peace and calmness. An old-school alarm clock on the night table, lava lamps of different colors, posters of long gone actors and famous in the mid-century bands, vinyl disk player and dream catcher, hanging over the bed – will remind of 60s. The window will be in all length of the wall, and there will be a telescope near it so I could watch the stars at night. This room will also have a large wardrobe, where I will store the clothes for my everyday life. Bathroom will have a jacuzzi in it; light blue tiles will cover the walls and the floor. In addition, I would have a kitchen elevator so I could order some drinks while taking a bath and plasma mounted on the wall.

This is how I imagine my house of dream. I will do my best to make this dream come true.


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