Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

My Plans for Becoming a Better Leader

Effective leadership qualities remain an instrumental requirement for any successful leader. The source of leadership skills has been a contention among professionals in the community. For some, leadership is an inborn skill while others think of it as a skill that is established and continuously nurtured in an individual. All in all, it is no doubt that innovative practice is the best tool for realizing perfect leadership. This essay is written as a description on ways in which I will work with people in Church as a leader.

There are numerous ways in which I will work with people in church as a leader. First, I must engage in discovering the spiritual gifts among my team members. Different people have varied abilities of serving the community. Due to this reason, failure to identify the actual capability of an individual means compromising the objectives of the team. In addition, rule and regulations are crucial requirement in any organization. This is because they define the corporate culture of the institution.

This has the implication that I must seek to formulate and enforce reliable qualifications that will be used to recruit and retain members for the service. Among these qualifications of service is the individual’s relationship with God. It remains a contradiction to the underlying principles of morality to have non-religious members serving in a church. Moreover, strong reputation and ethical conduct record of the individual will be another important consideration in my selection of members into the service.

True to the letter, members with any team must be ethically upright. This is tailored towards establishing, nurturing, and protecting a strong reputation to the organization. It is worth noting that church is in purpose to promote moral values in the society. Due to this, recruiting unethical members for service negates this crucial aspect of the institution. Interpersonal relationships among members of a team will be my goal while working with people in church as a leader.

Leaders are a source of inspiration to team members. This calls for enhancing multicultural setting in the society. To achieve this, I will engage in setting social and spiritual expectations of members. On the social expectations, develop a strong relationship with the people, an element that promotes the process of identifying and mitigating discriminative practices among staff members.

On the other hand, spiritual expectations should be a clear cut rule in my leadership in the church. Such requirement will include most importantly church attendance and love of God and family among others. However, in a personal orientation, as a leader, there are a number of personal attributes I will seek to promote. I will engage in accommodation and non-tolerance leadership style. By accommodation, I must ensure that staff members have their social problems that might compromise their productivity are well addressed.

However, as a leader, I will not tolerate unethical conduct among team members. Just to be appreciated is the fact that mistakes by staff members are detrimental to the performance and reputation of the church. This implies that compromising ethics is a negation to the sustainable long-term survival of the institution. Therefore, given the opportunity to serve in working with people in the church as a leader, I will seek to ensure ethical conduct among staff members in line with the provisions of the church.


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