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Oedipus Movies

The main actor of these movies is Oedipus; he is a person of quick action with extraordinary insight and also an excellent ruler. As a result of these qualities, he is a man who anticipates to his needs and subjects. In the movie, when his people beg him to act on something we find him always ahead of them in acting. Also, Oedipus before acting on something he first consults to ensure that he makes the most relevant and best decision about any issue. In the movie, Oedipus the king finds him sending his servants first to seek advice over specific issues issue. By being able to take actions a head of the citizens, reduces fear among the people, they are confident about any issue being taken care of before it affects them, and this increased love to Oedipus as their king. Oedipus consults first before acting on something; this ensures that he makes amicable decisions which benefit citizens of Thebes.

I perceive Oedipus as a man of immense confidence, because he once saved the citizens of Thebes from the curse which had befallen them. After becoming the king, we find Oedipus claiming his name with such absolute confidence. Oedipus claims to be known by every one all over the world. As a result, of this confidence we again see him threatening to expel two citizens who failed to respect his wish. The wish was to give information on the killers of a certain king. However, I find such a threat from Oedipus very relevant because it calls for citizens to help each other in their living environment.  Oedipus being a confident ruler also creates confidence and trust to the people he rules, this gives them courage to act in accordance with the expectation of their leader.

Oedipus swift to action later changes in a dangerous track in that on the movie, he talks of killing people who attempts to go against his wish. This shows that Incase of anything, Oedipus has the capacity of acting ruthlessly. Meaning that he could do anything in favor of himself and his wishes. Also, he does not take time to listen to the positive side of his people he accuses. When two dwellers of Thebes fail to give information on the killers of the king, he threatens to banish them from that place, but does not take time to know why they had no information concerning the issue. This in a way could make people lose the loyalty they had for him. Oedipus is also a man with enormous ignorance and an actor who can easily escape his fate out of so much confidence. As a result, Oedipus could put false accusations on the people of his own. These characters snatched Oedipus respect he used to get from his people as their king.

I believe that Oedipus is responsible for the tragic ending of the movies. In the case, where Oedipus opens investigations on the killing of a certain king, he opens doors for his down fall. He gives promises to his people of finding who the killers of the king were, but by knowing his responsibilities, we find himself calling for all those with any information about the killers of the king to come forth. Oedipus characteristics first give the people of Thebes confidence that the killer of their king were arrested. Through consultations, Oedipus discovered more information and one of them was that his fate was to kill. He later understands his fate after questioning the people of thebes, and when he hears the oracle, he has so much haste in acting according to the oracle. I think Oedipus pursue of the truth was not the best thing he deserved to do because this led to his fall.

The actor of these movies main aim is to help the people of Thebes town, but we find things in most cases does not happen as expected. Oedipus starts as the king and a finally ends as a blinded beggar. The fall of Oedipus from his kingly seat was not by accident and also, not as a result of influence from other people, but his character of an ordinary man who thinks he knows so much, but in the real sense he knew less than he thought. All long these movies, lack of patience of the actor is experienced. The actor is always on haste and Oedipus threatens to exile and kill anyone who withholds evidence or information on the killers of the king. Oedipus acts first on any information he gathers although some prophecies he gathered could be proven untrue. This could have been achieved if this actor had not put himself in high pedestals.

Oedipus believes so much in him, but finally ends up being a loser. He is an arrogant person and claims people to know so much about him. Also, misconception can fully express the character of the actor where Oedipus thinks and believes that he has a decent life, only to realize later that his life is morally wrong. This happens when Oedipus falls from being from being a king to a blind beggar at the end. Unlike the attributes which regarded him as a beloved king, he served his people well but later transformed. Oedipus slipped out of his righteous ways and fell in perception cracks, and become a man of pride which dominated his existence.

In conclusion, from my own perception, the fall of Oedipus was due to lack of leadership skills. This is because leadership is all about the ability of a person to influence the behaviors of others so that they can follow his/her directives willingly. Although Oedipus was viewed as an excellent leader, eventually, he was unable to provide good leadership for his people and that was the major factor that resulted to the fall of his leadership.


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