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Personal Application of Criminology

It is absurd that boys engage themselves in criminal activities even at their tender age. Before this discussion, it is good for us to know or understand what criminology is. Criminology is the study of crime from a social and individual perception. Criminology is a social science that does not only deal with the causes and prevention of crime, but also deals with the social impacts and reaction to crime (Decaire, 1988).

Another aspect we have to understand is crime, crime is the breaking of laws or going against the set of rules provided by law. After having an understanding on criminology and crime, I can now continue with this study. This study intends to test the skill of criminology and therefore crime and criminology are the aspect in place.

I have found my door ajar and I discovered my son’s friend looking for a paper and pencil so that he may leave a note to my son. On the counter behind him was a lock-pick and some of my jewelry and the boy smelled Marijuana. I decided to tell the boy to get out of my house as soon as possible and he did so.

This, scene was not a pleasant one, I really felt the boy could be a criminal. Beyond my feelings, I was strongly impressed to make an investigation about the boy. I my investigation, there are some aspect that I will consider in order to come up with a clear answer of whom the boy can be. I am going to discuss these aspects in details.

Gathering more information from my son

At this point, I had to call my son and find out some things that could make me locate the aspect of crime in the boy.  Since I had already suspected him from the smell of marijuana, and the jewelry he had put aside. I had a strong feeling within myself that the boy could be a criminal. When I asked my son to tell me who this boy is, he said he was his schoolmate and was not even a close friend. With the reply from my son, I was not content and therefore I went ahead and requested my son to tell me the kind of relationship that existed between them.

My son explained that beyond being schoolmates they were classmates. He further explained that their relationship is only a student-student relationship and northing further existed between them. This did not mark the end of my inquiry, I went ahead to ask my son if he could just invite a stranger to our home. My son said that he admits the boy is not a stranger to him because he knows him as a schoolmate, he went ahead saying that they actually had interacted with the boy during class discussion and school activities.

My son also stated that they are in the same discussion group in class. They do research work together in their group and therefore he cannot deny being a friend to the boy. He explained that the boy is bright in class and helps him to improve on the things that he has not understood well from their teacher. For this reason, he decided to make him a school friend but he has nothing to do with him when it comes to home activities.

Since I was not convinced I went further and asked my son to tell me what he know about his friend and if they participate in the same activities. “I am not very sure about his lifestyle because most our activities are school centered”, he said. From this information, I understood my son was uninformed. This made me to think of the second option of investigation.

Getting more investigation from my son’s friends

After trying my best to gather information and failed, I requested my son to tell me some of his friends that could be more close to the boy so that I can get more information. My son did not hesitate this. He told me and even took his time to take me to where they were. Actually, this was great because it really helped me to gather more information.

We got one of my son’s friends Jimmy whom I had a talk with, in the talk I asked Jimmy if he knows that boy well and what they shared in common. Jimmy explained that they had known one another recently, and he therefore had little information about him. He went ahead and told me that in spite of the fact that they had known one another recently, he was able to observe that the boy was friendly. Besides this, his jovial face and good performance in class made them friendly. On the other hand, he had recently discovered that boy looked so secretive. He was not ready to open up to friends, and carried out most of his activities silently.

This answer made me to be more inquisitive. I wanted to know what kind of secrets the boy had so that I can come up with better establishment of criminal activities. It forced me to ask Jimmy explain exactly what he meant by saying the boy is secretive, and what kind of secret did he keep. Jimmy told me that he sat next to him in class and he seemed to have too much money but on asking him, he was not ready to tell where he gets it. Jimmy also noted that the boy may sometimes look restless and he would say he is going to take some medicine. After sometime, he comes back to class relieved and with a jovial face but if Jimmy was to ask what kind of disease he suffered and medicine prescription from a doctor he could no tell.

Jimmy’s statement pressed me had, that I could not hesitate digging deeper. I therefore, ask Jimmy to tell me any other friend that knows the boy better. Jimmy then decided to tell and show me one of the closest friends of the boy called Wayne. I got Wayne and discussed this issue. While discussing with Wayne he told me that apart from being friends they were also close neighbors. He added that even though he is a close neighbor he is not his close friend.

I still did not get tired of my investigation, I therefore asked Wayne to tell me why the boy was not his close friend. He said that the boy hardily stayed at home, he would have his day spent out of his home and comes late in the evening. This character was contrary to what Wayne’s parents expected and therefore this made them have a distant friendship relationship.

This was not enough to make my investigation. I therefore demanded that Wayne tells me if there is any other person who could give me more information about the boy. I could see Wayne trying to hesitate and pretended not to know any of the boy’s friends. I clearly saw from Wayne’s eyes that there was something fishy. This was something shocking because it led me to suspect Wayne too.

I thought for a while, and got an idea. It was not good to give Wayne a chance over this. I decided to use issue a treat to him. I told Wayne that I had already known all their secrets and. Besides this, I had known all the activities they undertake, therefore it will be better if he clearly explain this. If he does not he will also be a victim of circumstance and he will land to the hands of law. The treat I issued to Wayne made him to tell me more about the boy.

Ha said that the boy was rich and at one time, he had proposed to him that they engage in a certain business so that he also becomes rich. This statement stroke my head, I then become keen and inquired for more. Wayne went ahead and said that he actually did not know this business because the boy had a condition to this,  He will only introduce him to the business if he was to agree the terms and condition of the business. Since Wayne was not ready to accept the terms and condition, he could not be introduced to the business.

I pinned Wayne to the wall, but he insisted that he was not sure about the business. He said that he had noted something weird in that boy, Wayne had once sited on their balcony when he saw him snick out of their house with a bag on his back. He then moved a distance and made a transaction with a certain man. Before the end of that transaction, he saw the boy taking something like a cigarette from his pocket then lit it and smoked for a short time. He then went back to the house immediately after smoking. On the following day, Wayne asked him why he was engaging himself in the habit of smoking. The boy denied it completely and even demanded to know where Wayne saw him smoking.

I met the parents of the boy for further investigation

After gathering information to this point, without fulfilling my desire I now thought of moving to the next step. I took a step ahead to meet with the parents of the boy.  I got his father then asked him to give me time to discuss over the issue. He was positive and allowed me a chance to discuss with him. I explained to him that I had noted something weird from his son.

He was ready to listen to me. I now told him that I once come home and found my door ajar, only to find it was his son in my kitchen. Besides that, he had put aside my jewelry and he smelled marijuana. I told him that this scene was not pleasing and I decided to tell him to go away immediately and he did so. I explained to him that it was something annoying to find out that young boys engage in criminal activities. I therefore made an investigation in order to establish the criminal activity.

He seemed to be afraid, but I went ahead and told him that I had carried an intensive investigation. From my investigation I had establish evidence that the boy was a criminal. I asked his father to make a decision on what to do in order to save him from crime. The father’s response was good. He said that he could not deny the fact that his son could be participating in criminal activities. He added that recently, he has been coming home too late and on asking him, he would say that he gone out to play with his friends. Another thing that he had noted was that his son took more time away from home. Lucky enough he was in when I came and he had not realized my presence in their house.

His father called him. I questioned the boy concerning all the facts that I had established from the beginning of the investigation. The boy could not admit, I decided to use threats as a measure of identifying a criminal. I threatened to call a police, this was nothing to him and he still denied the charges of crime on him. His father and I come into an agreement; we agreed that we would make a search in his room. In the search, we got a bag containing marijuana and other types of drugs. Besides this, he also had dangerous weapons such as pistol and knife.

His father was annoyed, because of his annoyance he decided to call the police. He said he was against crime and he would not tolerate it in his home. When the police come, we used the boy to carryout more investigation. We found out that there were other young boys participating in criminal activates.

From the personal application of criminology, it is encouraged to learn about crime. This will help our society to grow physically, socially and morally upright. It helps people learn how to engage themselves in constructive activities instead of crime. Especially the youth, they are vulnerable and this becomes a basis of education to them.


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