Aug 5, 2019 in Personal

Personal Essay

A Brief Account of my Life, Interests and Experiences

When I sat down to compile this essay, I tried according to my high school English teacher’s advice, to imagine my audience. The college admissions panel would have strenuous work, handling thousands of applications. Normal, human bias will play, naturally, a big role during the entire process. My desire is to stand out from the rest so as to get an admission into this esteemed institution.

I always look for big challenges around since I believe that I have a unique ability that can help me through any difficult situation. Perhaps, I am not aware now. This thought leaves me open to trying all new things in the world and to discover. We have two kinds of people: Those who are certain about their talents and others who are uncertain about their innate potential. However, I do believe that every single human has a prodigious talent in something that they might not even think of, at all. I am looking for something new. I live with my imagination. Before I do anything, I imagine and design the whole idea in my mind and live through it. My mind is powerful software that I designed that can imagine anything, and then live through it. I do believe in myself I am a passionate designer and most flexible, and I have a little bit talents in everything.

I do believe I am strong and capable and flexible to do all the tough things. I am open to climb rocks in mountains, swims in depths of the ocean and live with no technology or live in Vegas night shows or New York towers. I want to experience the different cultures and diversity in the world. After losing my father at the tender age of 16, I learnt many things. I lived through a life with a father with cancer. I adapted to a life of spending a significant portion of my time in the cancer department, in the hospital. I studied and had fun with all my new friends that had cancer in the Hospital. I knew that I might not see them a morning after because they could not survive the disease. I graduated from high school with excellent results at the time of my father’s demise. A new chapter began while I graduated from high school. It was a trying moment for everyone in the family.

The decision of moving to the US was necessary. Starting a new life in a new world was quite tough. Sometimes I fell behind in my work. Later, I got a feeling that I was faltering. I had to change that. I was born to try new things. I am special and will excel. I envision a successful life. God designs all people. In spite of that I have a chance to determine how I live. I will do all I can to flourish in my academic endeavors.


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