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book Personal Habit Research Proposal

I am 23 years old man with a high profile as a respected member of the society. I have learned to live with the society for long upholding the norms and values (David 141-167) to the later. One strict value if control of behavior and conforming to what the society discerns as moral. However, I find myself not conforming to the general society knowing well that I go against some of the values that anger many. There is behavior I have adopted (Klaus 57-79) lately, and it id pissing me off thinking how awful it could be for the society and how lethal it could spell doom to the people around me. I have a tendency of spitting after encountering anything unpleasant or after am angered by something. This spitting habit has developed to a point that I can even spit after I found somebody I hate on the way or something that goes against my wish.

Of late, I find myself angering many people when I spit anywhere without any conscious mind only to realize later when the damage is done. It is really a unfair for the people who are around me. This is contrary to what people in the general society do. In fact, spitting is like a taboo in the society and should not be as public as I make it. For all people within the society, when spitting, they most probably use a handkerchief as a value of hygiene and dignity. One found spitting anywhere regardless of the surrounding environment is seen as bleaching the morals of society. In fact, it is viewed as unhygienic to spit anywhere be it when alone or in the midst of the people.

I know am allergic to smells even the least smell of sweat, and this is a factor that has contributed to the spitting behavior, but this does not justify the excuse of spitting anywhere. I work in the midst of people in the public arena and smell are a daily thing meaning that I spit severally in a day. It all started with where I lived before I vacated to another residential area, so I can regard it as a learned behavior (Stephen 125), not anything biological. The place smelled horrible because right next to the residential houses was a dumping site that had increased heaps almost reaching the level of the windows. It used to be horrible, and I spit every time I got back home from a fresh-air environment back to the nasty smelling and horrible looking environment.

I have to do something and this time it has to be serious because this behavior is unquestionably becoming a nuisance and I am loosing many friends and angering many people I meet, especially strangers. To make matters worse, I have landed in the hands of city councils for several times and paid fines worth more than 20 dollars but I still cannot changes. Rewards and punishments (Stephen 125) of this kind seem not to work for me because I still spit without caring who is around or where I am. I have tried many options, and it seems like I will never change. This is because no matter how devoted I am to restrain myself from spitting, I always find myself ones in a while doing it. I have come up with a better idea, and I hope this time my proposal works.

For one, I spit because of smells when in the midst of people. This type of conditioning behavior (William 107) strikes immediately I smell something awful. I know it is normal to dislike something awful in smell by the rest of society do thing differently by first holding the nose, and if it worsens, they spit on handkerchiefs and not on the ground as I do.  To counter this, am willing to wear a nose and mouth mask if it means it is the only way for me to get over this weird and crude behavior. Wearing a mask for several days will decisively contribute positively to changing my behavior. For one, I cannot spit when wearing a mask because it covers my mouth unless I am cruel enough to spit on myself. My behavior requires convictions, and unless I am ready to punish myself for a change, then it will never happens. The nose will also be in cover meaning that many smells will pass by without my knowledge. This way, I know the humiliation behind this will force me to conform to morals and by the time, I am done; it will be a different case because I will have changed my behavior.

I also intend to take my behavior change to another level. I know well that development of behavior is psychological and at times, it can never stop unless it stops in the mind. My behavior reflects the theory of behavior under the concept of conditioning (David 141-167). I am prepared to take this behavior to a psychologist because I feel I need therapy not only to stop me from spitting but also to be in line with my practices to conform to the values of the society. I better take chances and budget for therapy because it is becoming serious it might be a disaster in my life. I trust that with a good psychologist, things will be better because he will have different perception and guidelines on how to stop the spitting behavior.

Lastly, I intend to start a small program on monitoring the behavior (Klaus 57-79). I know it sounds weird because I am the one to control the program but I have to try to do these well in advance before things get worse. This program will be a monitoring of the days spitting behavior. I will have two cards red and white. One red card meaning I spit one time in that day and white meaning I overcome an attempt to spit that day. I will place these cards every day after work when I am home and try genuinely putting every card regarding what I did that day. What this will do is that I will miss a meal if the red cards exceed the white cards for the day and this will be literal. Because I have a brother in my house, I am willing to mandate him to be serious in following my program and restricting me from taking anything if they do exceed. I know it will be hard to follow the program strictly, because I will be the one placing the cards, but am hoping with the zeal I have within me, I will be sincere with the program regardless of the trouble I will have to go through.

Spitting behavior is unquestionably getting on my nerves, and I have to stop it as fast as possible. Regardless of what cost I will go through, I am prepared to conform to the norms and behaviors acceptable within the society because it is the only way to live. I know equally well that the proposal mind sound abstract but I have the zeal that whatever I set will help me get through this behavior finally and bring back my normal self.


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