Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

The Navy Commission Program

The navy commission program has core values that all navy officers are bound to abide.They include,honor,courage and commitment.In honor of state,I will conduct myself in high ethical manner to those I relate with both my peers and follow commands from my supervisors.i will be responsible for all my actions  and I will always keep my word as I have been taught.i will be mindful in serving my fellow citizens.

Courage is also another core value which i have always respected and believe it’s a value everyone fighting for his country should have.I will defend my country  and support every mission that is in my line.I will take courage in carrying all my duties however demanding or hazardous they they may appear to be.

Commitment is a virtue that is compulsory in achieving the set goal.Iwill do my best in in working as a team with my fellow officers since team work is the only way of excelling in daily activities.I will be commited to serve all people without any discrimination.

My main reason for applying for this commission program is a great passion for serving my country in the force's capacity and especially navy. I believe I have all the qualifications that are required for the program. I did well in high school especially in math and sciences. I am a good swimmer; my height and weight is in the required range, and I have no health issues.

I am the type of a person who believes in perfecting what I do; I am driven by the urge of achieving my set goals and objectives. In this case, I understand that the work of a naval officer is very involved and requires a lot of commitment. Sometimes, it may call for great sacrifice especially if another country tries to attack from the waters. Applying all the knowledge and skills I have learned in high school and as a scout, I believe, I will deliver the best services for this Country.


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