Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

The Reasons Why I Have Chosen the University of Bristol

Nowadays, studying abroad gives the possibility to get in touch with students of different countries, develop skills of learning foreign languages, and find interesting facts about culture features. I come from traditional Chinese family and don not want to waste time but develop myself comprehensively. For many years, I joined extracurricular activities, such as volunteering, student clubs, swimming, and skating, hoping to enrich my life and expand my social circle.  However, I realized that nothing is better than living in a foreign country to gain an experience. That is why I decided to try myself in Great Britain and chose the University of Bristol.

I am a science student with a combined major in Mathematics and Economics. This University gives me various opportunities to develop myself personally, professionally, and academically. 

As for academic development, the University of Bristol provides me with worldwide access to the important literature with the help of the world known university library. One more fact that prompted me to choose the University of Bristol is up to date technologies like computers, projectors, instant internet access that give me the possibility to study in comfortable conditions. I am pleased to study and cooperate with PhD and doctor degree professors who can share their invaluable experience.

As for professional development, this university provides their students with the possibility to pass practice at the world known companies and ascertain new possible methods of development by taking part in volunteer exchange programs with the universities all over the world. It also helps students to find appropriate work with the help of university recruitment agency. Taking all this to consideration, I am sure that after graduating from this university I will be well experienced in a sphere of science. 

As for personal development, I am interested in communicating with students of different cultures and strengthening my weakness being around the group of Asian students.

Taking to consideration all the features mentioned above, I can come to the conclusion that this prestigious university gives me all necessary conditions and skills which I can apply to my future life. I will use this experience and be proud to have a status of the student of the University of Bristol.


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