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Visiting the Grand Canyon Personal Essay

Being a nature lover, my one wish is to cover every possible nook and corners of our world to revel in the picturesque and spellbinding beauties of Mother Nature. I have always been fascinated with landscapes and geology. Their beauties can be captured by cameras, but it is nothing when compared to seeing live with our own two naked eyes. Right now, I feel a part of my wish is granted since I stand barefoot overlooking the most spectacular place in Arizona – the Grand Canyon.

I feel as if I am transported to an orange planet with green vegetation. The landscape is so huge and it covers acres of land. The whole structure is made of several layers of rocks, their contour cut and shaped by nature’s forces giving the canyon a marvelous look of striated and multicolored walls. The soft clicks of camera caught my attention as I transferred my gaze at the crowd of people I had come with. Since the park is vast, and I did not know which part of it has the best view, I signed up for tour trip with Flagstaff, Charter and Tours. I was lucky enough to get the last ticket. We first decided to explore the South Rim as it was the most accessible part of the park and is opened all year through. Presently, we all were standing at 7000 ft above sea level. Peeking down the last barriers of rock, we could see the deep inner gorge of the Colorado River, its blueness – a sharp contrast to the canyon’s orange walls. On the other side of the river, the North Rim stood at a towering height of about 8000 ft above sea level. Our tour guide said it was not possible to explore the North Rim because the terrain was irregular and difficult to get to. Unclasping my camera holder, I adjusted my camera to take a shot of the North Rim. The shot came out too good. The way the orange hill kissed the light blue sky was almost ethereal.

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While we continued our hike towards the inner canyon, the gushing sound of the Colorado River resonated in my ears. The bottom view was even more awesome, scattered with land and aquatic life. The wild burrow and the big horned sheep moved about gracefully, their hovering over the land noses were looking for something to eat. As I let my gaze wander, I spotted a mule walking towards which I could only assume was the great Colorado River. Within seconds, I found myself dipping my hands into the cool water. I collected some water in my hands and sprinkled it on my face. It was pure bliss. The water felt so silky against my skin and a trickle of water somehow made its way into my mouth. Such sweetness, I had never tasted in any water before. I could not help but spend a few minutes relishing and enjoying its delightful taste.

Afternoon flew by quickly with me taking as many pictures as possible. We were promised a sky walk over the Grand Canyon in the evening, and I just could not wait for it. That time eventually came, and I felt like heaven walking over the glass – the multicolored view of the canyon shimmering below in the shades of evening. One moment, the walls seemed to blend with the sunset, the orange gleaming brightly. A slow cloud loomed its way over my head and, the next moment, the view seemed so mysterious, like if it was hiding some secret. The landscape is just is not made of buttes, spires and mesas, but it is a land filled with diverse and mysterious creatures. Whereas my journey comes to an end, I can conclude only that the Grand Canyon is a deeply spiritual place, a peaceful and quiet environment, whose translucent beauty will never cease to amaze me even in my dreams. It is a mysterious place, and I regard it as my safe harbor.


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