Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

book Wharton School Application

I am an international student with the combined major in Business and Management. I have made a decision to apply for a Wharton school, as I am sure that while studying in this school I will get enough knowledge to become a professional in a business management. The Wharton school is related to the top rated schools in these spheres that is why I decided that it fits me best.

Wharton school has wide range of classes and I am ready to improve myself academically. I appreciate the possibility to cooperate with the experienced and qualified professors with Master and PhD degree. Professors, by sharing their knowledge and experiences, will help me to improve my skills in academic research and represent the school by taking part in business conferences. As Wharton school provides twenty research centers, I would appreciate the possibility to become a member of business research center where I will do my best to provide a great involvement and get a lot of new experience.

I am very hard working student who never gives up in any situation. I am ready to meet tight deadlines and always do my work with the special attention. These features of character always help me to be responsible in studying.  As far as I am an international student, I will reflect a different culture in the school by making different meetings and parties.

Alumnus of Wharton school are very valued among employers of world famous companies as this school represented itself as a top ranked educational institution. Getting education in this school will give me the opportunity to become a professional in my field of science. Those are the reasons why I would appreciate to become a student of the Wharton school.


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