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What Makes Me a Good Candidate for Medex

No doubt that profession of a doctor is extremely responsible and difficult. Patients entrust them with their lives. And, in most cases, it depends on us whether the sick will live or die. Therefore, doctors have to work hard to get necessary knowledge and skills to cure people. In addition, this profession requires decency and courage combined with the knowledge as well as wise and careful observation. Besides, a doctor must love his/her patients and yearn for their good before his/her own.

I always wanted to help people; therefore, I decided to become a doctor. I have graduated from medical school and already worked for seven years as a Physician. Now, I should like to become a Physician Assistant and, suppose, I have enough experience to become a good candidate for Medex.

Ambo Hospital (rural part of Ethiopia), 1990-1991

  • Served in antenatal, postnatal & family planning programs.
  • Served as General Practitioner and Participated in HIV / AIDS screening and counseling program.
  • Provided patient education and participated in the campaign and treatment of typhoid, typhus, malaria, and other diarrheal epidemics.   

Beletshcew Maternal and Child Health Clinic, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1991-1996

Medical Director / General Practitioner and District TB program Coordinator.

  • Managed the MCH Clinic and the Outreach Programs in District 3 Addis Ababa
  • Evaluated job performance of physicians and head nurses and provided counseling.
  • Served in antenatal, family planning, and vaccination program.  Performed examinations, treatments, and provided follow-up of adult and sick children.
  • Performed short course (DOT) and long course treatment for TB and HIV patients.

 “Avamere, for Richmond Beach; long term Care and Rehabilitation center Seattle”, WA. (07/2002 to –10/ 2007, from June 2008).

  • Provide direct care to the residents and supervise the day-to-day nursing activities.
  • Cooperate with other resident services when coordinating nursing service.
  • Admit, transfer, and discharge residents as required.
  • Perform administrative duties.
  • Developed PEP registration book, PEP Pocket guide and IEC materials for PEP prog.
  • Assessed  the current IP and PEP activities/ and provide Technical assistance

Technical Support for the Ethiopian HIV/ AIDS ART Initiative (TSEHAI) project - Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

Infection Prevention and HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis, (IP/PEP) advisor 11/2007-05/2008

·  Developed HIV-occupational and non-occupational post exposure management protocol

·  Prepared hospital-based PEP protocol for occupational and non-occupational HIV exposure. 

In Cholera Medical Expert South East Department-Haiti, my assignment to this position was to improve capacity of Health Promotion team, to implement effective community-based cholera prevention and case referral activities, and to supervise the implementation of community-based activities in order to reduce the risk of cholera transmission in Southeast department of Haiti.

In Providence Hospice of Seattle (5/2011-), my assignment as a manager is to provide care and oversight to the patient’s care while working collaboratively with all members of the hospice team.  As Hospice nurse, I see an opportunity to help people meet their end-of-life goals.

So, as listed above, I suppose, I have enough clinical and personal experience to be a good candidate for MEDEX. Besides my personal qualities such as hard work, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, kindness, and desire to work and develop will assist me in it.

What I like about Medex is that it presupposes some additional education and research. No doubt, it is the best way to get more experience in the sphere of medicine. To be fair, I do not think I shall necessarily face any difficulties by returning again to school because as I have already mentioned, the profession of a doctor, first of all, presupposes a constant growth and development. Therefore, we cannot afford to be at the same level for a long time. If somebody wants to be a good doctor, he/she should progress all the time. My prior experience shows that I want to be such a professional; consequently, I am ready to face all the difficulties and problems.

As to my Medex classmates, I shall cooperate with them as much as possible in order we become one team. I shall also try to share my clinical and personal experience with them. Tolerance and mutual respect will be essential for successful teamwork. Besides, it has a positive impact on the development of qualities that are important for collegial collaboration. Furthermore, teamwork encourages tolerance, order, acknowledgment of others ideas, proper discussion, and overcoming selfish attitudes. I also realize that none of the team members can interfere with the cooperation of the other members because of their sympathies and antipathies.

In addition, many of my friends and people I am familiar with have already participated in this program. Now, all of them are highly qualified doctors. There are many examples of personal transitions, but I prefer my own. Although I am a medical school graduate from another country, I acquired enough professional skills and qualities to become a good physician. I have already worked in my profession for seven years. And as I moved here, I decided first to try myself in physician assistance in order to learn all necessary peculiarities of work here. After finishing this practice, I am planning to get a full-time job as a physician in one of the clinics.

Thus, my experience in different clinics and hospitals, in my opinion, makes me a good candidate for Medex. Besides, I am not afraid to face any great challenges by returning again to school. Furthermore, I feel quite confident in my skills and professionalism to overcome all occurring difficulties. I shall also try to work hand in hand with my future classmates to make our cooperation as successful as possible. My future ambitions are also quite obvious – I want to become a certificated, highly qualified physician in here.    


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