Jan 25, 2018 in Personal

When Should Abortion Be Illegal?

I am deeply convinced that abortions should not be legal even if pregnancy results from rape or incest, or if the mother’s health is at risk. Many people stick to the point that abortion is justified in the case a woman was raped because abortion helps her appease the pain of humiliation, i.e. “wipe out offender’s traces.” However, advocates of this view disregard the fact that abortion cannot eliminate the memory of the rape. The child is innocent, and it would be weird to commit deliberately a second and double act of violence against oneself and a guiltless human. Besides, the happiness of motherhood cannot be underestimated. Thus, every woman will be happy to give birth to an innocent human since it is her natural need.

The same can be said about incest. Although it is common knowledge that incest is a sin, a child born in such relationships still remains innocent and has a right to live. Moreover, one should not forget that incest may also result from mutual although forbidden love, which implies that a child will be born in a loving and caring family. How can love, in any of its form, be forbidden? It seems to me that modern society should get rid of stereotypes, which impose various rules on human existence. Love was and is a sacred thing. That is why it is immoral to forbid its variations.

Likewise, if the mother’s health is at risk, abortion should not be viewed as a single solution. The point is that if it was so, doctors would simply make no efforts to save both mother’s and child’s lives that seriously undermines the notion of motherhood. In this case, the illegitimacy of abortion is one of the best ways to encourage doctors to do their best and help the mother and child survive.


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