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Political essay on Advantages and disadvantages of lifelong appointments to the US Supreme Court


The advantage of having a lifelong appointment to the US Supreme court is the fact that the members of the precise court get their full independence as they do not require to be re-elected or be re-appointed. For this reason, they gain complete honesty in their judicial verdicts, regardless of anyone who tends to disagree with them. Second, another advantage of the lifelong appointments to the US Supreme Court is the capability of justices to come up with conclusions that are on the roots of their interpretation of the law with no fear of being influenced by the opinion of the public. 


The demerits of lifelong appointments to the US Supreme Court are on politics, sometimes, there is a creation of criticism on both aspects of the political continuum. Justices who get appointed by the Democratic presidents in the United States often receive critics as being too liberal in their process of interpreting the law. Whereas justices who get selected by Republican presidents are in most cases disparaged as being too conventional. Second, justices of the Supreme Court usually have views that differ can be mutually helpful and harmful to various decisions. For instance, in determining the legitimacy of a case, conflicting perspectives in the midst of many judges can at times lead to conclusions that are differing. 


Advantages and disadvantages of electing Texas Supreme Court Justices


Texas being a states in America gives a reason why people in this region should select their own supreme judge is the fact that this process insures that judges are loyal to their people as a judge should be able to make interpretations of the law that are both fair and firm. Second, appointing the Supreme Court justices implies that they should answer to the people they serve and not the one who appointed them (Barbara 460). 


One of the disadvantages that the people of Texas would have over electing their own Supreme Court judges would be the fact that they cannot tell best judge to interpret and apply the law. Judges should be elected on the basis of credentials and not fame. Second, the other disadvantage of elected judge would be increased corruption and politics in the aspiring Judges.  Research show that elected Judges are not automatically qualified than their rivals but instead the elected judges are the ones who have funds for campaigns (Barbara 467). 

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The best system of selecting justices

Merit selection is the best way of selecting Supreme Court justices; this method ensures that individuals with the best credentials are favored instead of the use of influence such as money or power in the process of selection. In addition, this method applies a sovereign bipartisan civilian nominating commission that is made up of from all the non-lawyers and lawyers, Commonwealth, from different professionals, ethnic and racial locale (Barbara 471). 


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