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America Election 2012

Being current and the 44th president of America, Barack Obama has a mixed origin. On 4th August, 1961 is when he came to be on earth at Honolulu. He became a lawyer for civil rights before engaging in the political career. He started as State Senator for Illinois and afterward as the African-American first US president. Sir Barack Obama has continued to endorse policy amendment in regard to the question of economic crisis and health care. He was inaugurated on 27th January, 2009, and he is the first U.S. president from African-American origin. Obama's father, sir Barrack Obama, was from Luo community in Kenya, Nyanza province. He grew up in Africa herding goats. Later, Obama’s father earned a scholarship to Hawaii, where he could achieve his life dreams. At Minoa, Hawaii University, where he was continuing with his study, he met with his fellow student Dunham Ann. They later married on 1961 February 2nd. Six months afterwards, sir Barrack was born. He got his early education in Hawaii and Indonesia. He went to Occidental College for tertiary level education. He obtained a bachelor of B.A in New York, Columbia University. He started engaging in work, in Chicago; he worked as a community organizer. He furthered his education in Harvard University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Law, as well; this is the reason, why he emerged as the Harvard law review president from Africa American race. Little of his time was spent as a lecturer of constitutional law in Chicago University. In 1997 to 2004, he became the senate of Illinois State. He was later elected as the U.S Senate Democrat in 2004. Later, in 2008, he was elected as the American president, where he is currently serving (Griffins, 2012).

Mitt Romney came to be on Earth in Detroit on 12th March, 1947. He was brought up in Michigan, specifically, Bloomfield Hills. He started his education in one of the prestigious schools popularly known as Creebrook School. He later obtained a degree from the University of Brigham Young, in 1971. He joined the law school of Harvard and business school where he received both Degrees respectively in the year 1975. In 1969, he tied a knot with his lovely wife Ann Davies, and they were later blessed with five sons. He is an active member of Jesus Christ Church, which is also known as Mormon Church. Mitt Romney is a son of George Romney. He is the governor of Michigan and presidential Republican nominee. His first career was in a business, where he worked in the management consulting firm Bain & Company, and latter founded the investment firm Bain Capital, in 1984 (Griffins, 2012). He entered politics in 1994, where he ran for Massachusetts U.S. Senate but was conquered by Edward Kennedy, the longtime incumbent. He got into the national spotlight in 1999, and he became the Lake Organization Committee President. He played a crucial role in rescuing the 2002 Winter Olympics right from ethical woes and financial constraints. In fact, he oversaw successful 2002 games of city Olympics. He authored a book known as Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games, in 2004. On 2nd June, 2011, at New Hampshire farm, he declared his presidential interest in the 2012 elections. As a critic vocal of Sir Barack Obama, he has secured various Republican standards in Texas positions, terror war and the economy. His critics covers altering his positions regarding various main subjects, such as abortion of which he considers being against morals and ethics, as well as reforms on health care. Currently, he is in the front line as 2012 America presidential aspirants.

The 44th president of America argues that he took over the work from a torn economy. In fact, according to him, the economy was horribly torn. Equivalent of 700,000 job vacancies were being lost in one month. He acted on this and, as a first milestone; he ensured a bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) was passed cutting taxes for small business. The bill also entailed funding emergency to maintain 300, 000 jobs for educators, about 4,600 positions for law enforcement and businesses regarding energy sector. He has contributed to the growth of American economy since he has added 4.4 million jobs from private sectors plus twenty eight usual job growths monthly (Coleman, 2012). The U.S president in his State of Union address laid out strategies for building a lasting economy. He argues that he intends to establish an economy based on the energy, American workers skills and the refurbishment of Americans worthiness. In his efforts to stabilize the American economy, he passed the bill of Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which held Wall Street responsible for preventing future economic panics. In addition, Obama’s views are that the economy has not grown as he planned and expected. He, therefore, makes a straightforward strategy that will approach the economy and ensure a steady growth, in the future. According to the plan, he will infuse seventy five million dollars towards motivation, and the money will be obtained by tax and spending the money directly to the needy (Waltz, 2012). To add on this, he would also induce forty four million dollars into the economy to quicken the economy growth progress.

Mr. Mitt Romney is purely criticizing the current president, by arguing that he has failed to recover the country. According to him, the economy has failed, and he should be elected for a change. He takes an advantage of the reducing confidence on the Americans economy to air his prosperity. According to Mr. Mitt, the president has failed to put forward appropriate strategies, which could see the nation with constant growth in the economy. Instead, the economy is deteriorating every day. Job vacancies have reduced making the sharpest inclination of the country’s unemployment. According to him, the president has not done much on the economy as he had promised, he will not and he cannot. The country’s economy has failed or even stagnated from where the current president took over. In addition, the president’s act on the health has adversely affected the nation’s economy according to Mr. Mitt. He, therefore, sees it as one of the biggest challenges citizens are undergoing, as well as a hindrance for economic change. Mr. Mitt claims that the economy has maintained a sluggish and even a constant growth due to multiple, unnecessary and expensive programs that invade it. According to him, there has been a problem in the employment fields by not taking the blacks appropriate for various vacant positions. He, therefore, said that, most of the blacks were unemployed as compared to whites. Mr. Mitt blames the president for the falling of the country’s economy by not putting the right policies in place that could have ignited the dormant economy. Mr. Romney prefers for the trickle down model of the economy where the government is the mother of everyone. The government will have to consolidate the capital and afterwards spread the wealth to its people. This is disliked by some people who want to be independent while other are poor and the lazy, therefore, prefer Mr. Romney to be the coming president.

The 44th president of America has constantly aired the need for renovation in the field of education. He has openly shown the need why modern education should be introduced into schools. Since he was elected in the year 2008, he and his administration has continued make a considerable progress. According to him, he has continually provided funds for the nation to implement larger assessment that has evaluated the higher level order skills, conducting research, introducing technology in all learning areas and promoting scientific investigations. According to him, every potential candidate should engage in tertiary education that not only covers the four years in the university but gets to the production process to ensure comprehension. He finds necessary for the working mothers to get adequate education, in order to support their families. He argues that only through getting the best education one can see the nation’s economy grow. He says that the country requires educated personnel, who would match with the 21st century careers. According to the current president of America, ensuring education for all is the first milestone to economy success. As he has done before, he promises to continue till every society member achieves a high grade education that corresponds to the grade someone holds. Obama has fought for moms scholarships as one of the ways to ensure they get the demanded literacy in the field of work.

On the other hand, Mr. Mitt Romney says that the current president has failed to stand for the educations bosses, as well as the learning children. He stands up to support education for all, where the best teacher will be rewarded, and the falling teacher subjected by the law. In his opinion, parents hold the heavy reforms ability as they are the one to choose the school their sons and daughters will attend. He argues that, given a chance to rule the nation, he would expand the bold education policies, which would ensure that blacks are entirely incorporated into the system and not discriminated, the way they are now. He would, therefore, expand the parents’ dramatic choice. This would make every school responsible for its results and give a parent a choice and every child a chance. Mr. Mitt fights for the expansions of the choices, through incentives in the education background. He also fights for the expansion of the Columbian districts scholarship program. He argues that, by providing parents with the right information and updates will give them a fair chance to make the right choice about their children. On his education views, Mr. Mitt says he would do away with some of the certification that hinders interested candidates from getting into teaching professionalism. In his efforts to standardize education, he says he will simplify college finance aid, which will see increased number of students go to college. It will also help them get the required information concerning the cost, as well as their estimates about their future earnings.

In his approach to foreign affairs issues, President Obama promises to renew American, global position using perfect foreign policy. This will include renewed military, which will help America and the universe, at large, to deal with the nuclear saga. He claims that nuclear proliferation appears to be the most urgent issue which requires global attention. Obama points out that, this century is more endangered than the past centuries. This threat is as a result of harmful weapons, which are used by selfish terrorists, who kill masses of innocent people for their selfish ideologies. These terrorists have murderous nihilism, which is supported by some international state (Political Science Journal, 2012). The president feels that such the nations are a significant threat to America and the entire world, as well. These nations are increasing dangerous diseases, deadly conflicts and natural disasters. Therefore, his first step will be to curb nuclear weapons internationally. He will respect Iraq, and use moral, diplomatic and military response depending on Iraq’s response.

Obama vows to rebuild splinted alliances, increase foreign aid, and expand the military forces. The military will be trained on how to speak foreign languages to perfect their performance. He claims that building strong alliances with other nations will be the way forward. He attributes World War II success to the allies which were formed during the war period. America cannot succeed alone, and the entire universe cannot make it without America. This calls for unity and acceptable foreign affair policies to unify the universe, and work towards achieving similar goals. Obama adds that investing in minor countries is not only a way of earning cash, but also a way of increasing security to Americans living abroad. Within his first year of selection, president Obama promises to double foreign aid. He believes his foreign affair policies will ultimately create a new world.

Mitt Romney points out two main issues as far as foreign affairs issues are concerned. Mr. Romney claims that defeating Asia and overpowering the Jihadists is the only way of making America a military and economic super power. Asian economy is growing in a threatening speed, which has threatened America’s position in the world. Therefore, America has to take a serious step, expand markets and revise its economic approaches. There is a conspicuous competition with Asia which has to be handled cautiously. Romney feels that immigration laws must be loosened a bit to allow high skilled workers enter America. This will make American economy increasingly competitive. His policy specifies on skilled workers, as well as maintaining low-skilled workers migrating from the south as they might do wonders to the dying economy.

According to Romney Mitt, three approaches will be implemented perfectly to deal with the Jihadist. He believes that the first and the perfect step are using military pressure and force. The second step involves diplomatic approach, which will include international and regional participants. The third approach is to encourage Muslims to avoid religious fundamentalism, as well as extremism. Romney will apply force to all the countries where terrorist roots are planted. These countries include Pakistan and Bali where terrorists have a say in government and in public. The military will work hand in hand with the population to remove every element of illegal groups, such as Al Qaeda. Iran threatens America and the whole world. Therefore, Mr. Romney will work objectively to ensure Iran will not develop another nuclear arsenal. He claims that, Islamic fundamentalism is the main problem in Middle East which threatens all aspects of America. The best solution for this hazard is increasing defense spending and insisting on moderate Islamic faith internationally.


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