Jan 25, 2018 in Political

Make Peace not Terrorism

Terrorism has always been considered as a threat with particular influence not only on people but on infrastructure as well. Since the old times people involved in terrorist attacks pursued an objective to prove their power and strength. They choose extirpation not by exident. Psychological nature of human beings functions in a way that fear for ones life is one of the strongest leverage to make someone pay attention to something. Infrustructure is the second important area terrorists use for attacks. Destroying infrustructure means serious interruption in normal life flow of people and creating threat for their natural existence. All of us remember the events of 9/11 where both people and infrustructure experienced powerful attack lead to enormous tragedy ever.

However, it should be born in mind that violence can never be erased. That is why it is important to be always on the look-out. Measures should be taken not only by government of USA but by individuals in private as well. Common efforts can considerably contribute in preventing terrorism locally and on a national basis.

Terrorism is a phenomenon that can not be destroyed by ignorance. The proper informing of individuals how to act in a case of attack or suspicious obstacles would be of a great importance. But at the mean time situational awareness should not turn into total paranoia about the possibility to be killed anywhere.

As for public security within the USA it should be focused on providing safe environment for people anywhere. Emergency service should be prepared to act immediately and secret service should be ready to foresee several scenarios of terrorists’ acts and be able to react in an appropriate way.

In conclusion I would like to say that terrorism is the only global problem of the modern world can not be resolved. In this case people have to be ready to face it


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