Jan 25, 2018 in Political

Obama-Romney Commentary

It is one thing to be a king and yet another to be a clown. It is not because of the spelling differences but because professions are divergent to each other. Rulers are not funny, so did everyone think before the Obama-Romney debate yester night. Neither are clowns rulers for obvious reasons of course. Who would vote an entertainer? He would probably mess the whole country and think it is funny!

The idea that Presidential debates are supposed to be funny is just comical by itself.

How is Obama and Romney supposed to discuss money, tax, economy, and Medicare, especially Americans’ money and become hilarious? They will have to pull something from up their sleeves. The citizen will not be judging who is a better orator, a more perfect president than the other, but who is a better magician and entertainer than the other.

Considering the economic heights, and the pressure of the perplexing choices; who is a better leader between the Muslim and the Mormon, the citizens will have to think harder than Einstein. Of course, they are going to need geniuses to think for them.  Meanwhile Obama and Romney will be entertaining them across the country. It is a tough choice; consultants are definitely going to make profits.

Yester night, the citizens of America had to choose whether to watch the match between New York Yankees vs Red Sox or switch the channels and watch the Obama Romney debate. If they did choose the latter, they probably saw the moderator Mr. Lehrer  notify Obama that his two minutes were done and Obama replying that he had five seconds before he interrupted him.

That was humorous! But if he was interrupted in the white house, or in his office, would he have taken it so lightly. Anything for power, Obama can keep entertaining as long as he gets another chance be lead the American people. But as for Romney, he should visit ‘jokes.com’ and get a few lines or so to get his audience’s attention and maybe fool them, because if this debate goes on like this he will certainly lose.

However, in the scores themselves Obama looked like a chastised child. Romney had prepared well and was confident to answer questions about tax, Medicare, and investments without his knees knocking each other. Probably, it is because he was speaking about the future while Obama seemed to be dealing with the present. Better the devil the Americans know than the angels they do not know. One cannot help but wonder what the citizens’ choice will be but it is too early to tell. It is like counting eggs before they hatch. 


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