Jan 25, 2018 in Political

Primary Source Overview

In the document Theodore Roosevelt, Third Annual Message to Congress (1903), there exists one of the most important proponents of the United States that entailed an aggressive foreign policy. Theodore Roosevelt created the most of his chance precisely the period of time that he was promoted to be the president after the assassination of William McKinley in 1901. Inn the third annual message of Roosevelt, he tested the foreign affairs and narrated his account of how the United States acquired the area that they needed to build the Panama Canal. On the other hand, in the document Josiah Strong, Our Country (1885), a section of Americans   observed the extension overseas as both the cultural fate and religious obligation. As a result, there was a mixing racist credence in the authority of Anglo-Saxons, the evolutionary speculations of Charles Darwin, and Christian dedication to missionary efforts, Josiah Strong who was reverend (1847–1916) assisted in the stimulation of the nation’s concern in expansion in his document our country.

The different between these two documents is that the writer of Third Annual Message to Congress is more political whereas the writer the document ‘our country’ is more religion. The document by Theodore Roosevelt is directed to the congress of the United States. The main purpose of the document is to inflict a variety of Federal trust and observation of the foreign and domestic policies of the unite states. On the other hand, our country by reverend Josiah Strong was written and directed to the protestants in the united states in the 20th century  with a limited purpose of promoting the missionary activities that were being carried out by the by Protestant churches. Movements were formed with the main objectives of applying the Protestant religious values to resolve the social problems brought on by urbanization, industrialization and immigration.


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