Jan 25, 2018 in Political

Romney and Obama

Romney Says He Would Have Ordered Bin Laden Killing” Michael Barbaro and Shear, New York Times April 30 2012.

The issue on whether Mitt Romney would have given an order to kill Osama Bin Laden seems to be the subject of discussion as United States’ elections nears. Notably, Romney was responding to critics by Obama that stated that he could not have given the same order. He states that even Jimmy Carter could have given the same order. President Obama gave an order one year ago for the killing of Osama in Pakistan. This was one of the remarkable achievements of Obama as a president.

Thus, the issue of national security seems to take an upper hand in the campaign trail. This is especially the issue related to terrorism. Some critics argue that it s not worth for Obama to spend billions of dollars in an effort to catch one person. On the other hand, Obama seemed to object Romney’s words as he said, “I assume that people meant what they said when they said it”. He argued that Romney seemed to flip-flop on the question whether he would have pursued Osama or not. Indeed, the use of Osama’s death in the presidential campaign is evoking both emotional and political sensitivity.

The author articulated their point of view through the use of their speeches as well as through the opinion of other people to have a broader view of the topic. The author supports their claims with evidence as he tries to articulate what they said as well as assess other people’s opinion towards the issue of the death of Osama rather than trying to express his point of view that could be biased or not based on evidence. The author could have included interviews from the two parties involved: President Obama and Romney. This could have made his arguments stronger. The use of the death of Osama as the main subject of presidential campaign has resulted in some exchange of words between Obama and Romney as they try to show case their strength to the public.


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