Jan 25, 2018 in Political

September 11 Bombing

The September 11th booming was an attack set by a terror group named as the Al-Qaida against the United States of America. The Al-Qaida group is believed to have used nineteen men of the same associate who also accepted to sacrifice their lives just to see that their aim had come to success. This essay discuses the September 11 attack on the American twin towers of New York City. It will focus on the casualties, damages, and the aftermath. We will also talk about the attackers and their intension.  

There were very many casualties reported allover the Twin Tower. Some had broken hands, legs, and many injuries in different parts of the body. This included many damages for instance, Twins Towers were destroyed, Marriott world trade center.  This also caused the closure of the world financial center. The police helped in getting bodies from the rubbles. Over 2700 people lost lives (Wanttoknow.info, (n.d)). Those who lost there relatives went through deep sorrow and pain.


This left a great impact in the world. Nations began enforcement against anti-terror groups. The incidence left at least three thousand children without or with only one parent. The situation also brought unity to many nations against al-Qaida (Kimball, 2005). People made promises that such things will not happen again. It also led to scientific methods of investigations like closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, among other modern technology and new modes of training of security personnel.

There is no clear evidence of who was behind the attacks, but it is believed that it was the al-Qaida group. They did this because they wanted Americans to leave there territory of holy worship in Saudi Arabia.  Nineteen people organized it Mohamed Atta from Egypt led it. The group began when the Soviet Union fought against Afghanistan. Osama-Bin-Laden is said to have chaired and was the head of the whole terror group. He has been rear since 1998 and it is not clear if he is dead or still living.

It was full of havoc.  No one should allow such acts to happen again. Wherever we are as human beings, we should be sensitive against terror activities. We should all condemn it. Encourage donors to help orphans and widows. Let us promote peace and unity, despite who our neighbors are.


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