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Terrorism Final

Terrorism has become one of the world’s worst threats to human life. People who engage in terrorist activities seek to intimidate citizens for the sake of attaining various political or ideological goals. There are various measures that may be initiated to mitigate various types of terrorism. Some forms of terrorism include bomb attacks, cyber-terrorism and bio-terrorism.

One of the common types of terrorism is the bombing of various buildings or social places that accommodate many people. Most of the people who engage in bombing activities do so as a result of religious or political convictions. Bombing is highly preferred because some of the improvised explosive devices are often cheap and easy to assemble (Terrorism Research, 2013). To combat this kind of terrorism, the best measure is to encourage citizens to take part in community policing, since the terrorists target all people regardless of whether they have common perspectives or not. It is also important for every government to increase its intelligence services to be in a position of discern whenever plans are being made to carry out various bomb attacks. Security has to be increased in the boundaries to ensure that all vehicles entering a country are monitored, and the items possessed by individuals checked to impound any suspicious materials that may be meant for assembling terror equipments. Both citizens and security personnel should be encouraged to work closely and ensure that the people planning to hold various bombings are identified and dealt with.

The other common type of terrorism is cyber-terrorism. This involves the use of computers by various individuals to harm people, organizations or a particular government agency and ensure that their demands are succumbed to. It also involves tracking down various systems to facilitate acts such as kidnappings or holding people hostage for purpose of meeting some specified goals. To mitigate these types of terror activities, organizations and other important organizations should use virus protection software and avoid any strange emails and programs. Most cyber-terrorists use computer viruses to affect the normal functioning of organizational activities and therefore take advantage of the resultant confusion (Janczewski & Colarik, 2008). Other terrorists use their computers to hamper the functioning of power plants so that they may go on with their activities when various systems have failed. Computer specialists should, therefore, devise the best mechanisms to counter cyber-terrorism by offering advice to organizations on how to keep some of their important codes confidential and avoid any new information from unknown people since most of them capitalize on the weaknesses exhibited in various systems (Marshall, 2010). This would reduce cases of hacking and secure people from cyber-terrorism.

Bioterrorism is also another type of terrorism that has been used to cause unrests and affect the quality of individuals’ lives. It involves the deliberate use of lethal biological agents to terrorize people. Some of the cases that have involved the use of biological weapons have been severe, since unlike the other types of terrorisms that only affect a small group of people, bioterrorism covers a wider region and much of its effect do not necessarily cause instant deaths, but have chronic effects that lead to deaths or the deformation due to alteration of various genetic factors. Some of the common biological terror agents include anthrax and Ebola viruses. The best measures that may be initiated to mitigate this type of bioterrorism include enhanced financial commitment from both the federal, state and international organizations to carry out research on some of the highly infectious diseases associated with bioterrorism. This would help research institutions to avail the right remedial methods and drugs required to heal and prevent the spread of the highly contagious diseases in case of an attack (Green et al, 2007). The use of dispersion modeling is necessary to establish how certain toxic agents may spread once they are released. This would help to realize when it is right time to evacuate individuals from various regions, while those who are already affected are given the right type of medication. Terrorism is currently diverse and, as discussed above, its perpetrators have resorted to physical, technology and biological means.


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