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The United States versus United Nations

This essay deals with the United Stats versus the United Nation, it explain some reasons why United States wants to control most of what takes place in the United Nations. Some of he factors that we will take into consideration in our study is how United States takes control of donations in the United Nations, issues to do with the strength to get countries on wagon and the veto power. We will discuss these issues in details in order to come up with specific information about United States contribution in the United Nations.

United Nations is a group of nations that come together for a specific purpose. America is one of these countries, which come up with certain rules and regulations governing their actions. The main agenda of the United Nations is to bring peace and stability around the world. It also looks into issues such as donations to the third world countries and the improvement of their activities in order to make sure that Peace prevails. United Nations also makes sure that treats over humanity does not happen.

America is on the forefront of the world donation. It looks as if America is controlling everything that is taking place in the United Nations. What makes it to appear this way is that America contributes most in almost everything that takes place in the United Nations. United Nations is conscious of the nations that have problems in many issues such as the problem of education, problem of healthy facilities, scientific equipment and materials for scholars and some other important things building up the nations.  America has been in the forefront in all donations and contributed a lot in many areas in the world. United Nations is trying its level best to see that all the needy nations receive the necessary help to realize their goals.

America has contributed a greater part in the United Nation at the part donations. Africa as a continent is a witness of this; African contains many third world countries that have taken too long to develop and still requires support in many things. Some of the countries are politically unstable and have frequent wars within themselves or with their rivals. This causes them to be helpless in many ways. America has directly made a great significant impact to these nations. 

America in food donations   

Many of these countries have gone dry because they have been stricken buy hunger. An example of this is the Rwanda tribal war. During this war, the Rwanda communities had no food because there was political instability. This situation forced people to hunger because they would not carryout their daily activities and hence remained unproductive. America helped in donating food to them in order to sustain their life.

Apart from Rwanda, other countries within Africa have drought and other misfortunes that affects them leading to the lack of food. Some parts of Kenya have had such problem. The parts that would have been productive to provide food for the nation have found themselves unstable because of sudden change in the weather, which caused food shortages. In addition, Kenya has enjoyed a political stability and has had peace prevailing in the nation for a long time. This has made many refugees from the neighboring countries such as Somalia to come to look for a peaceful place for their stay. This therefore increases the population of people in Kenya and makes food insufficient. American influence in the United Nations has made it possible for food donations in Kenya, thus saving human life.

Many African nations have benefited from the aid of America in food donation. Apart from Africa, other parts of the world have received the aid of America in food donations. In the past some Asian countries like India was also one that suffered a lot because of the poverty that stricken their country due to f poor governance of the country. America did not sit aside to see these people die of their hunger. It contributed directly towards the food donations.  America supported the natives of this nations a lot and helped them in getting a permanent solution towards their problem.

America on drugs and medical donations

We discussed earlier in the essay about the war stricken countries. An observation has it that since the past many African nations have lacked political stability. Many wars have been emerging because of the greediness of African leaders over power. This habit is transferred from generation to generation. This issue has affected many African countries. During this moment, bloodshed prevailed in these nations without any help. Others survived by chance and looked for places to run for refuge. America has helped in such cases from the past to the present. America involves itself directly in such matters we have seen and witnessed the situations where America donates the drugs and services such as the ambulance services and doctors to save humanity. Many African countries and others countries from different continents in the world have received help from America.

Another serious problem that the third world countries is undergoing is lack of education against some diseases, America’s civilization stared much more early and technologically it has gone far. The third world countries lack facilities and qualified staff to provide sufficient help to its citizens. America has made a great contribution towards the good of these nations. It has donated drugs such as antiretroviral for the HIV infected people and some of its staff to provide advise for such patients.

Truly, some of the African nations have benefited from the aid of America. America has directly helped these nations to receive advanced medical equipment and training to the available scholars in the fielded of medicine. The American Medical Resource foundation is operating over the world. The needy countries have found Aid from this American organization. This organization is non-profit making organization which America came up with in order to save life. This organization carries its functions all over the world to provide medical facilities and services to clinics, health cares and hospital. The American Medical resource foundation provides the medical facilities according the orders placed by the countries in need (American Medical Resource Foundation, par 2).

America is acting so swiftly to ensure that human life is protected. A recent example is in Haiti earthquake. This was so threatening and many people lost their lives, America played a major role in saving Haiti citizens. This involved the American Red Cross, which provided help to the people who were involved in the earthquake. The American Red Cross provided people with medication and other basic things such as food by the American Red cross (Zebra, par 4).

With this, you can analyze that America play an important role in the United Nations and makes it to appear as if it is undertaking or rather controlling many things taking place in the United Nations.

Under donations, we have seen America providing aid to may African nations and other places worldwide. America is trying its level best to bring up the third world countries economy. It is contributing directly by funding the projects directly. America has been so keen with African Education and has sent in donation to these contraries to support education. Besides, this America has directly donated books to improve on education. America is also offering donations inform of scholarship to African students so that the nations may cut down on costs of sponsoring students. This as well improves on the state’s economy. Another aspect is the construction of roads. America has donated money to many African Nations to improve on their infrastructure. America is doing this because it wants these African Nations to use the infrastructure to improve on their activities and work towards the improvement of their economy.

How America seems to be in control of the strength of getting other countries on Wagon

America has involved itself in solving many problems over the world. Many issues make America to appear as if it has the strength of getting other countries on wagon. It is not only making it to appear so but it is true because of some of the facts that we will discuss in this essay.

American intervention in Kenyan post election crisis 

Before the United Nation had raised any issue concerning the Kenyan post-election crisis, America had already had an impact in it. America is acting too fast to make sure that peace is prevailing within nations. During the post-election crisis, Kenyan leasers could not agree. Both parties seemed to be winning the elections even when there was a looser. All the nations over the world had something to comment on but had no ability to help the Kenyan leaders to come out of this crisis. America as a nation made an intervention in order to save humanity from the bloodshed. America was against this, in the initial moment America made a request to Kenyan leaders to come up with a quick permanent solution to their problem. Even after America had requested the Kenyan Leaders to come up with a permanent solution to heal their nation, Kenya would not come to an agreement over this issue. America went ahead and made a request to the former United Nations secretary general Mr. Kofi Annan to go over to Kenya for mediation. After the mediation by Mr. Kofi Annan, still the Kenyan Leaders did not come up with a lasting solution. The problem persisted for quite a long period. America was still keen on the actions of the leaders and decided to send Mr. Kofi Annan again to ensure that there was political stability in Kenya.

After trying for all this long without a desirable result, America decided to send former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice again with Kofi Annan to go and lead the mediation once more between the Kenyan leaders. After the negation of these two leaders sent by America, there was a better change whereby Kenyan leaders come to an agreement. From that time America is still looking into the Kenyan Politics and is even trying to make sure that justice prevails even after the past post-elections crisis.

Another aspect that we have seen America participate directly is its intervention in South Korea. South Korea has had a plan to make nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction. America is against inhuman activities and other action that may cost human life. Therefore, it forced itself into this issue. America has made its best to advice South Korea against such dangerous weapons that may cost the world. There have been a great problem between south and North Korea, until now this problem still exists but its minor, therefore North Korea have been trying to come up with sophisticated weapons against south Korea. America has been sensitive about this and it is still keeping an eye on what is happening in North Korea. America is discouraging North Korea of this activity until now.

There are many activities, which we have seen America involving in even without the aid of united nation Just to make sure that there is peace and stability among the nations. United States of America has participated greatly in the issues to do with human rights. When you recall the history in Iraq, you can understand what kind of a person Saddam Hussein was. Saddam Hussein was a dictator and a terrorist as well. Many people in Iraq were unsatisfied with his leadership. The United States of America was unpleased with the massive destruction of people under Hussein’s rule and fought towards his downfall. At last, America decided upon the hanging of Saddam. This was a decision by America in order to provide peace and stability in Iraq.

Actually, in the United Nations America has played a big role to ensure that peace prevails in many places of the world. We have witnessed America sending out its army to solve problems in many nations. America participates both direct and indirectly to ensure there is stability and peace among the nations.

Veto power

Veto power is the ability of a certain country to reject legislation or other government measures. With this definition, we build understanding on what the United States of America is. In the United Nations, America some times makes actions without consulting or goes against this. One of these actions is the Hanging of Saddam. According to the Roman Catholic Saddam was not supposed to receive a death penalty because it is against humanity and God is the only Judge over life (Leyden, par 2). The United Nations had not come to an agreement of hanging Saddam. America on seeing the harm that Saddam had done would not agree with any other decision other than hanging Saddam. America went ahead to hung Saddam without prior approval from the United Nations. This shows how America exercised its veto power.  There are some other things that America makes personal decisions over them. 

During the time of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) many Europeans nations, America included were using the nuclear bombs in the world war. Afterwards America was against the use of these bombs. Other nations doubted America, thinking America was flattering them. At last, America refused to sign some of the treaties and walked out of the organization. America’s action to stop the use of nuclear was not a decision of the NATO organization. This also provides a reason of America exercising its veto power. America at times may go against agreements of the United Nations or other organization in order to save a situation. The other reasons of America going against the discussed reached rules in the United Nations are to provide quick actions to some situations that look so demanding.


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