Negative Effects of Over Experienced Employees on Productivity

There are numerous factors that affect productivity including stress, motivation, training and above all, the level of working experience of an employee. Employees acquire their experience as a result of working in a particular field or profession for a certain duration of time. Over experience is whereby the worker is too familiar with a particular job to an extent that he is deemed overqualified. The level of mismatch between a worker’s level of experience and the requirements of their jobs is a popular phenomenon ...


Right Policy on Education in India

Currently, India is celebrating at least six decades of independence that have been marked with advancements in various realms including the education sector. However as indicated by research experts, the condition of the quality of primary education is yet to reach the satisfactory level, especially in the state schools. In the Indian educational system, state schools comprise of the primary school classes. With the aim of upgrading the quality of education, the Indian government in 1964 selected ...