Workplace Diversity

The role of workplace diversity is fundamental because this concept is the main ingredient for success and a key impetus for revolutionary innovation. Moreover, diversity ensures a unique opportunity for companies and organizations to be incredibly successful... Details >>

Importance of Language for Understanding Human Behavior

Whilst language is an abstract system of symbols and meanings, it seems to affect human behavior and cognition in many practical ways. Personal experience and observations suggest that a mastery of language has an impact on a person’s conduct. For example, a person... Details >>

Buddhism Practices During Medieval Period in Japan

Buddhism as a form of religious practices and dharma is mainly composed of various traditional beliefs and practices of the spiritual world that are based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha also known as the awakened one. Buddhism, unlike, Shinto was accepted in Japan since it teachings were mostly concerned about what happens after death rather than the life in this world. Details >>

Characterization of the Various Market Structures

A market structure refers to the distinctive features that characterize the operations within a particular industry. Each organization that is in business or aspires to be a profit-making venture must fall into one of the four major market characterizations. Details >>

Oppression of Women in Society As Depicted By Grace Paley

The short story titled “An irrevocable diameter” by Grace Paley exemplifies how authors use the literary platform to criticize the way things are or are done in society. Using two young persons, Charles and Cindy as the main characters, Paley explores and demonstrates the manner in which individuals of the same age group are expected to behave differently just because they are of different genders. Details >>

Racism: How it relates to Liberalism

The existence, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity in regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and culture promoting multiculturalism. In modern liberal democracies, policy legislation has been applied to promote multiculturalism. This however has neither hindered nor prevented people from being racist. Details >>