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Cocagne’s Soupe a L’oignon

Cocagne’s Soupe a L’oignon is usually served with cheese sandwiches preferably grilled and a roasted cippolini at the center of the soup with a poached egg placed at the center. In Canada the soup is in served in the province of Newfoundland Labrador.

Vegetable antipasto is in most cases composed of eggplant, olive tomatoes, marinated artichokes and buffalo mozzarella. This appetizer is from the province of Ontario in Canada.

Soupe a L’oignon Gratinee this is the slow cooked French soup composed of butter and oil preceded by slow simmering to create a rich taste. This appetizer is in the province of Quebec in Canada.

Wild mushroom soup is mostly prominent in the province of Toronto in Canada. It is mainly composed of truffle and chives in the absence of butter or cream.

Pizza fondue is the delicious variation from the theme of fondue and is in most cases served with cubes of bread, cooked tortellini and assorted vegetables. Pizza fondue is in some cases served with cured Italian meats. This dish is mostly popular in the Newfoundland Labrador in Canada.

 Josee’s Spaghetti with tuna and sun dried tomatoes is the dish which is a favorite of many and is made from sun dried tomato paste among other ingredients. It is common in Newfoundland Labrador although it is also present in Quebec province of Canada.

Mariposa farm duck is prepared from a number of ingredients which are dates, the leg of a duck, wild rice pilaf squashed among others. It is mostly prominent in the province of Ontario in Canada.

Eggs en cocotte attribute its name to the dish which is made up of eggs cooked normally referred to as ramekins and usually take the appearance of soufflé dishes spacious enough for the baking of an egg. This dish is common in the province of Quebec in Canada. 

Canoe lobster clubhouse most recipes of this dish state that it is prepared from bacon preferably Canadian, smoked cheddar, mayonnaise and Bibb lettuce. This meal is more prominent in the province of Toronto in Canada.

Roasted Alberta lamb prepared from a lamb it also has garlic which is roasted and risotto caraway yoghurt as the other ingredients. It is also common in the province of Toronto in Canada.

Grilled Provini calf’s liver the ingredients for this dish is bacon preferably smoked, Alliston spuds, and apple gastrique. This dish is mostly found in Toronto in Canada.

Charlotte malakoff aux fraises this cake which can also be prepared from raspberries is completely engulfed in lady fingers and can be served with strawberry sauce. It is popular in the province of Newfoundland in Canada.

Petit pots de crème chocolat this pudding which has a silky texture is served cold with sugar cookies so as to alter the fancy pudding into something like a dinner party fare. This dish is popular in the province of Newfoundland Labrador in Canada.

Strawberry coulis some recipes prefer the addition of strawberry so as to establish an increased flavor boost. This dessert is most common in the province of Newfoundland in Canada.

MAPLE syrup iced cream this syrup is considered to represent something between ice cream and sorbet. It is considered the desert with the least fat content and one of the easiest to prepare. This desert is more common in the province of Newfoundland in Canada.



The ingredients required are: 8 onions, 8 big cippolini onions, 8 French shallots, 2 tablespoon of olive oil, 6 tablespoon of organic soy sauce,8 tablespoon of red wine, 2 branches of thyme, 2 liters of duck stock 2 bay leaves, white pepper, 1 lb of pikauba cheese and 8 poached eggs.

The pikauba cheese can be substituted with aged cheddar. The poached eggs should be kept in cold water until the time to serve the hot soup has been reached.

All the onions are peeled, the red onions are chopped and the shallots are finely sliced while the cippolinis are used as a whole. The oil is heated in a large pot over average heat and the sliced onions are added, these onions are cooked until they start to become brown. This usually takes approximately 30 minutes and stirring is usually done simultaneously. The oven is preheated at a temperature of about 190 degrees Celsius and the cippolinis are placed in small fry pan, oiled, with a few drops of water and they are roasted until they can be considered tender, approximately 30 minutes.

The pan containing the caramelized onions is deglazed on the stove and the red wine and the soy sauce added on top. These contents are then stirred in the garlic flower, the thyme the bay leaves and lastly the stock. Salt and pepper can then be used for seasoning and further cooking is resumed for an estimated 15 minutes. 8 grilled sandwiches containing cheese are prepared for serving and the soup is placed in 8 bowls and the roasted cippolini is placed in the midst with the poached egg topping. The soup can be served immediately.


The ingredients for preparing this dish are: 12 ounces of grated emmental cheese, 12 ounces of grated gruyere cheese, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch, 2 cloves of garlic,2 cups of Italian diced tomatoes, a cup of parmesan cheese, grated, 3 loaves of Italian bread, mushrooms, broccoli or any other assorted vegetables,  pepper, oregano and salt.

The gruyere, emmental and the cornstarch are tossed in a big bowl. The diced tomatoes and the minced garlic are heated in the fondue pot over average heat. At the time the tomatoe mixture starts to boil, the cheese mixture is added while stirring is continued preferably with a woden spoon in a movement which mimics the figure eight. When the combination of the mixture is complete and the cheese begins to bubble, pepper, salt and oregano are used for seasoning and these contents are stirred in the parmesan and later transferred to a table top.

The pizza fondue is served with assorted vegetables, bread cubes and Italian meats.


The ingredients for preparing 300ml of strawberry coulis are: 2 tablespoons of fruit sugar, 2 cups of strawberries, a tablespoon of lemon juice preferably fresh, and a tablespoon of kirsch.

The fresh strawberries are cut into tiny pieces and then placed in a bowl. Sugar and lemon juice, is sprinkled over these pieces and they are refrigerated overnight. The fruit is pureed in the bowl using a blender until it is smooth. The coulis is strained and whisked in the kirsch. 


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