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With the wide usage of technologies nowadays, it is very important to think about ecological side of the matter. It is crucial to reduce pollution and make innovative computing technologies eco-friendly. Thus, it is important to use alternative resources instead of damaging Earth. One of the ways of eco-friendly computing is virtualization (Marshall, 2011). It has many benefits for the ecology. It saves a lot of energy and reduces the data center footprint and hardware vendor lock-in. It also reduces the costs which is quite important. This way less money is wasted which can be used for changing the working environment and technologies used to more eco-friendly. Green computing is the main benefit of virtualization. It does not only reduce the space and amount of servers used by data centers. It also cuts costs because of its low cost energy usage. It also lowers the heat buildup improving the working environment (Wallen, 2013).

Biofuels are also beneficial in terms of being eco-friendly. They are widely used in the United States (Graziano da Silva, 2012). First of all, they reduce greenhouse gasses effects. They also reduce the usage of other resources which cannot be restored. Thus, biofuels provide technology with an endless source of energy. This way, computing technologies use biofuels which are both eco-friendly and consume less power than other types of fuels. Using biofuels also has a huge impact on public relations since it reduces the costs of resources and has a positive impact on the economy. This way it leads to economic improvement and also makes the country less dependent on the oil imported from foreign countries. Its usage also has a positive influence over health improvement. Thus, using biofuels also impacts social responsibility because people pay more attention to ecological problems and realize the importance of using pro-ecological resources. Thus, they no longer waste energy but try to reduce its usage and care about the planet’s future.

It can be said that biofuels and virtualization have a positive impact on ecological situation, and more companies and corporations start using them in order to create healthier and eco-friendly environment.

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