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Research Paper Sample on Critique on Donald Duck Presents

Donald Duck presents is a children’s animated television series. It is suitable for toddlers who have not yet already enrolled in school. Created by Dick Lundy and produced by the Walt Disney Company Productions, ‘Donald Duck Presents’ gives an electrifying and entertaining account of funny yet fun-filled adventures. A single episode may last between 25 to 30 minutes and there are usually 8 to 15 episodes in a given season. ‘Donald Duck Presents?’ majorly involves the character Donald Duck (McGreal, 2006).   Donald is a white duck usually in a sailors shirt, red bow tie and a sailors cap bit no pants. He hardly speaks understandable language but usually mumbles through out the entire episode. Donald though has a few common phrases such as “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy” or exclamations such as “Aw Phooey”. Donald would usually stumble upon other famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy or some bee. The storyline centers on Donald usually picking on some work or sets out on some adventure and things start going a little bit unexpectedly. What ensues leaves one rolling on the floor with aching ribs. Although more often than not Donald has bad luck, he still manages to keep the story going in a funny and interesting way (IMDb, 2010). Donald first appeared in ‘The Wise Little Hen’ in 1934.

Donald Duck Presents’ is one among many other great seasons based on the character Donald Duck. Other programs are: Donald’s Quack Attack, Quack Pack, and Duck Tales etc.. The language used is usually not understandable and involves a lot of mumbling apart from the times when told throws in his common phrases or the narrator introduces the theme of the given episode (McGreal, 2006).  It tries to show the positive yet funny side of Donald as he goes through so much trouble and endures quite a lot to get what he has set his mind to. Donald Duck would go on tours in different parts of the world and this is significant in inculcating early knowledge of places in the world for infants e.g. if a child hears the word Honolulu, they would probably recall the place with much ease the next time they get to hear of the word, say in class or church. Other educative skills honed in the program are reading and writing skills, young children learn quickly. Display of words such as honey jar on screen during the program fosters learning in the kids.


On the downside, Donald usually mumbles words than actually clearly speak out the words. This may not be suitable for a toddler who is just learning how to speak especially their first words. But the story line usually flows even with the mumbling as Donald’s gestures and visual clues and cues are usually on point. Even when singing, only if you know the words you can sing along to the song, but some of the tunes are very clear in one’s mind when Donald starts belting the out.

The length of a single episode which may last between 20 to 30 minutes is just perfect for the young children (McGreal, 2006).  Given the adventures incorporated in the episodes, and the story line, a child may comfortably follow the storyline while paying a lot of attention to the program. The plot of a given episode is well distributed within the allowed minutes so as to incorporate different facets of the program. It is also very imperative to state at this point that a toddler needs not to watch the episode from the first minute to the last so as to get the flow of the story; Donald’s episodes try to build on a story but in a way that current details do not depend or carry on from previous ones.

Although the program hardly involves engaging activities with its audience such as questions, the deeds of the characters are easy to identify with not to mention the really cartoonish nature of Donald gets so many infants wanting to see what happens next. Parents too will find the program quite exciting as one learns new facts especially situations that they can identify with or they have been in before, and Donald just makes a funny scenario out of it by playing ‘stupid and comical’, thus making light of the situation.

The program definitely gives a great learning experience and discovery to the children. For those who love adventure, they will also find the program to be quite a lot of fun. But there are a few adjustments that can be made to enhance the program. Apart from giving scenarios where Donald ends up giving a surreally funny performance, the producers could also incorporate other educational disciplines such as arithmetic, science as well as general knowledge so as to foster quick learning among the kids as they relate with the words at quite an early stage and this improves their cognitive abilities. They could also try to involve different children to give an opinion or idea on how they can help Donald go through a given situation. The more engaging the program is, the better the child’s development will be.

‘Donald Duck Presents’ has been criticized as being both aneducational and entertainment program. I think it is more of an entertainment program than educational. For infants who have just enrolled in preparatory school, the program will serve as more of an entertainment.

The program ‘Donald Duck Presents’ involves a lot of factual information and thus is very fascinating especially to an audience that appreciates facts. The intuitive nature of the program also fosters learning among the children. Parents will also find the mumbling language to be quite a challenge but no vulgar words or hard phrases are used. There are also several seasons that have been released over the years that diversify the different aspects that the producers try show in the program as they strive to enhance the entertaining and a little bit of the educative nature of the program.


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