Jan 25, 2018 in Research

Improving the Current Curriculum Content

Our curriculum consists of the particular courses, and their respective content is offered in the different levels of education.  It prescribes the topics that ought to be understood, and the level which should be achieved. The curriculum has many fundamental components.

In a current multicultural community, apart from the fundamental subjects that form the most part of the curricula, there are certain subjects that need special consideration. One of them is music. Music can help in creating strong bonds between people. It is a tool that can help students to learn about different cultures and thereby assist in shattering stereotypes. The reason is that when one learns about other people’s cultures, he begins to appreciate things that otherwise has never understood. Music is a powerful tool. It can be used to question social injustice.

In addition, music can inspire students to create the ideal world by encouraging their minds to investigate and act. This will help them to make a better sense of the world they live in as well as the people they communicate with. Some of the activities during the music lesson may involve students  analyzing the message of a song. When they learn to reflect the message and the lessons of the song, they will be able to have their own view about the world.

There are also many extra-curricular activities which can help students to learn how to be tolerant to one another. One of the most well-known is sports. Being engaged in sports, such as athletics, football, rugby, the students participate in the teamwork and bond with one another. Moreover, the team bonds with the cheering squad, and finally the whole school will chant the same slogans and songs despite their diverse backgrounds.

The students should also be involved in community service. This service will cultivate sympathy and compassion in them, as they will face suffering of the other people. When they visit prisons, correctional facilities, rehabilitation centers as well as the shanties, they will realize that suffering concerns all races and religions.

Including these vital components in the curriculum will not only make it wholesome, but will help to achieve the goals that have been set for it.


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