Sep 12, 2018 in Research

My Five Year Plan

After  I graduate from high school ,I want to  have things  in line waiting  for me. Since the world is  changing  rapidly, and  more  opportunities  are  opening  up  for those  with  the recent , competitive  skills  and  technology, i would like  to build  my future plans on these fields of  technology. In this  essay I will analyze  my  five year plan after high school and in the career

In the first year, i want go to college and pursue some courses in computers. I want to  become a good programmer as well as a software developer .So, in the this year i can start taking courses in programming and software design. This would form a very good foundation for future courses in the technological world.In the second year, it should by now be very clear on the lines that interest me most. In many cases, information technology is the backbone of business.Since nowadays we can’t differentiate technology and   business, it’s necessary to have basic skills in business. This would call for part time studies in business courses like business administration and management

By the third year I will be  planning to  clear with my college as well as finalize my business courses. By now I should be able to develop   computer programs as well as develop some software .In this year I will make sure that ,I get myself acquainted with some industry in my technological world in order to be in terms with the current isues. this will probably call for an industrial attachment.In the fourth year, I  should by now be able to secure some job in the industry which will give me the necessary exposure .Its during this time that I will come up with my  own software which should meet  the emerging issues in the  field .Along with this exposure ,I  will go on identifying the various areas where improvements need to be enacted.

Being my final year in my strategic plan ,I should be realizing the long term goal I had declared in high school. I would target to harness the raw skills graduating from colleges in the firm. Its from this group of people that new ideas and technologies will emerge. The firm would majoring concern itself in developing those products that are readily needed by the market. If all goes well, we could from there know of where an which other fields to venture in.



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