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Policing and the Impacts it has on the Community

Security and order in residential areas are among the most important issues in human life. Nowadays, people commit crimes, and new forms of illegal acts are arising on a daily basis. There is a necessity for new strategies to be implemented in order to combat crime and reinstate order in the society. The police are a part of the criminal justice system, accountable for combating crime in general. Therefore, police officers should be well trained and equipped with modern ways of fighting criminals. An increase in crime rates has turned out to be a threat to New York City, a factor that makes the crime-fighting units come up with a new strategy for terminating illegal activities. The paper will address different issues that are of great importance for improving policing activities in New York City.

For many years, crime fighting units in New York City have been using a stop and frisk campaign as a strategy for combating illegal acts. Here, police officers stop suspects and calmly search with their hands through h the alleged person's outer clothes to check whether the individual is carrying a weapon. The search is done to all suspected individuals. It is a good way of reducing crime statistics, especially with regard to potential criminals who have just started their criminal carrier. However, it is not easy to suspect a criminal who has considerable criminal experience. In addition, some lawbreakers are former policemen and soldiers/military officers. This fact makes the stop and frisk campaign ineffective, hence calling for a better strategy to combat crime in the city.

The municipal administration of New York came up with a broken window policy after realizing that criminals have highly increased in the urban areas. The theory offers norm-setting and motioning effect of city disorder and sabotage on extra offense and anti-social conduct. The theory argues that preserving and supervising urban environments to counteract small offenses such as sabotage, public glugging and toll-jumping assists to generate a feeling of order and legality, thereby averting more serious offenses from occurring. They thus came up this strategy with the aim of eliminating urban crimes that happens now and then. The strategy is an effective one and it has helped much to bring a good relation between the police and the community. It is a strategy that has ensured a drastic reduction of crime rates in the city.

For a long time, the criminal justice system, especially the police, has been associated with racial profiling. It occurs when policemen utilize culture or race of an individual as a major factor in deciding whether to undertake such actions as arrest, stop, or search. It is an illegal practice that prevents members of the general public from trusting the police and helping them in their efforts of combating crime. Racial profiling has affected the minority communities in New York City, especially the black Americans and the Latinos. It should be discouraged by punishing the officers caught practicing it in order to prevent this practice in the future.

The issue of selective enforcement is another subject that has been affecting the fight against crime in New York City. It occurs when officials in authority, such as prosecutors, regulators, or cops, exercise prosecutorial discretion. Enforcement pleasure is the possibility to choose how to punish a person or whether to penalize the accused. Many people have reported police violence, stating that they have suffered from the hands of law-enforcement officers. It accusations have provoked many people to lose trust in police forces, hence limiting the efforts to fight crime in the society. The issue of selective enforcement should be settled and strict laws should put in place to punish the officers who are caught red-handed. It will promote trust and facilitate citizens' involvement in law enforcement activities.

The crime rates have increased to such an extent that normal police patrols are not effective in combating most of the crimes. However, the application of vertical patrols has been extremely beneficial in New York City. It is a form of patrol that involves posting security officers in different buildings and different floors simultaneously. It provides coordination among police officers and easy management of emergency crime response since it ensures availability of police officers in time. Vertical patrols involve a systematic and methodical check of one building at a time. It reduces crime statistics since it enables the police to screen a building after building and address security issues. It is a strategy that should be enforced to ensure that the buildings are safe and members of the general public can work in their offices without worries.

Community policing, termed as community-oriented policing, is a strategy that has been initiated to develop police force that works in close collaboration with members of the society through building ties and participation in improving community welfare. The implementation of the strategy has faced numerous challenges. However, the approach is now accepted by most of the residents of the city since they enjoy and understand the real picture of work of police officers. It is an effective method of implementing changes in law-enforcement units. It offers a community oriented policy of policing, giving law-enforcement agents a chance to work in a close collaboration with citizens. The method establishes trust between the police and citizens, making it easy for citizens to report on criminals without fear of exposure. It has helped New York City to reduce the number of crimes, which were threatening the city.

Criminals are adopting new ways of committing crimes on a regular basis. In addition, new kinds of illegal actions are being discovered daily. This situation calls for. immediate training of police officers . The police should be trained on how to use new technology, such as CC camera services, in handling crime. Proper instructions will enable police officers to better relate to members of the general public and also handle their responsibilities in a professional manner. Proper training will reduce the crime rates in the city.


Recruitment of police officers is among the critical issues that the state should consider in its attempt to reduce police statistics. The job of police officers is tough and demanding. Therefore, it requires a person who has passion and vocation for the job. During recruitment, it is important to follow the steps that will provide the state with officers who are dedicated to their work. Educational qualification should become a priority to ensure that recruited officers have the capacity to handle their duties. The medical status of recruits should also be prioritized to make sure that recruited persons satisfy physical and health requirements to attend their duties. The issue of recruitment should always be handled by experts so as to have the best police officers in the state.

The system of criminal justice has always been affected by stereotypes of the society. For instance, many believe that the police are always unfair and influenced by greed and corruption. These prejudices prevent many citizens from trusting law-enforcement officers, crippling their efforts to combat crime. Other issues, such as police shooting, have created a bad picture about policemen/policewomen. It is worth mentioning that there are few law-enforcement officers who are responsible for extrajudicial killing of innocent people. Even though such crimes are rather rare, they have created a general mistrust of police officers. Such a climate of distrust calls for new strategies towards eliminating the stereotypes and better ways of approaching criminals.

Police brutality should be eliminated to enable members of the general public to trust the police. Law-enforcement officers should produce better ways of acquiring information rather than harassing suspects. Of course, police investigators often suffer injuries while on duty. Besides, a lot of them regularly die on duty. The issue of injured policemen and those who die while performing their job makes many citizens feel that the police are not professional enough to take care of them. It is an issue that undermines trust for police officers' professionalism. The authority of New York City should adopt a strategy for making the public understand that injuries and deaths occur due to the commitment of the police. Therefore, it will make the public view the issues in a positive way.

The media is among the most influential bodies in the society. Today, both the social and mass media are making great improvements in the criminal justice system. Many people spread both good and bad news regarding policing via the social media. The government should initiate a national program, using both the social and the mass media for promoting community policing. The media may quickly evoke a positive perception regarding law enforcement officers in many people. Besides, police officers should be trained to handle the media and work together citizens without causing problems.

The history between law-enforcement units and the urban community is also an important matter, which should be address. In the past, law enforcement agents were associated with mistreating the urban community. They were accused of practicing discrimination, racism, and tribalism. This fact should be taken into consideration to ensure that the New York City police department is able to behave in a different way and establish a better relationship with the urban communities. It will make sure that citizens are willing to work together with the police and the criminal justice system at large. The criminal justice system should eliminate brutal exploitation of citizens. Instead, the officials should do their best to please the public, doing a good job and incorporating them in the activities of combating crime and creating a good living environment for everyone.

Many communities in New York City do not have a feeling of distrust of the law enforcement forces. However, the minorities, especially the Latinos and the black Americans, are highly skeptical of law enforcement agencies. It is because they feel disrespected and discriminated in the community. They play a part in eroding trust by spreading stereotypes and negative information about law enforcement agencies. They also participate in creating distrust by hiding criminals, which makes law enforcement agencies appear unprofessional. Law enforcement is a difficult job since it places agents in conflict with many people in the society, especially those who have a negative perception of them. Moreover, at times, it exposes individuals to the risk of injury or death.

If the police and the community do not trust one another, the crime rates in the area increases. Distrust makes criminals take advantage and hide in the community since they know that citizens cannot reveal their identity. In New York City, the urban community and the police trusted each other in the past. It occurred when community policing was established and most people started to understand that police officers were there not to harass them but to ensure that the law was respected.

At times, police officers disrespect the community. For example, if they use ethnicity or race as the key factors in determining whether to make seizure, search, or stop. It shows that police officers do not respect the community the person comes from. On the other hand, sometimes, the community disrespects the police. For instance, the police are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that there is traffic control on the roads. Often, a police officer may stop a driver or a cyclist, but the driver can decide to continue the journey without stopping. It shows that some members of the community disrespect the police and regard them as an obstacle in their day-to-day life. There are people who do not want to see the relationship between the police and the community grow in a positive way. They take all the possible measures such as spreading stereotypes and turning citizens against the police. They do it so as to continue committing unlawful actions without being criticized by members of the general public.

In conclusion, the crime statistics is growing on a daily basis. However, the society and the police forces should try hard to have a close relationship among them. A good relationship between them will ease the manner of combating crimes. The police force should come up with new strategies for fighting crime and acquiring information and necessary data from members of the general public. The society should also participate in offering information about criminals and contribute fully to help in reducing offenses. The New York City law enforcement agencies should be provided with enough resources and support to implement their duties and deal with the challenges that occur in their line of duty.


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