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book Reflection is Important in Life

Many people act first, then they start to think and analyze their actions. However, such manner of the behavior is not new, a lot of men and women fall under the influence of it. It cannot be judged whether it is good or bad, if reflection precedes an act, it  also depends on the situation in which it has occurred. As any other activity, it has advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, Andrew Marvell’s poem “To His Coy Mistress” and Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist’s essay “On Thinking Things Over: A Paradox” are two examples of the similar approach to the problem. The English author states on the fact that a person should not fight with the mind and thoughts, though to follow his or her desires and act first rather than perform a reflection. One more opinion is of the German playwright. Kleist affirms that man’s actions should be in the first place rather than thinking. Thus, two thoughts of these writers have right to exist. However, human reflection depends on the actions and conversely: a man is judged by his deeds, and thinking represents man’s ability to act.

Andrew Marvell’s poem “To His Coy Mistress” is representative of the action without reflection. The main hero of the poem convinces his lover to surrender the struggle of the mind and tempt to their passion. Even more, he tried to urge a mistress to have a sexual contact with him; it was emphasized by hero’s words that her action would not be a crime. Thus it could be mentioned that man’s intentions are unethical and obscene. Opposite to this situation is Kleist’s appeal, in which the author states that meaning of the act is more important than reflection. Besides, the essay is appointed to his son, as the writer pointed out at the beginning: “A military man has to be quick and fearless, his actions have no time to be advised (Miller 217) Such belief also could be explained by the nationality of the playwright. Germans are precise people and the ability to do everything on time is very important. He suggests that realization of the action come to people in the moment of solution or a little earlier. However, long process of reflection could slow strength of the act or to intricate the man’s mind and knock out of the way. Humans have a unique ability to think and find out the solution of the problems, however it requires to act quickly for the better result.

Kleist writes about the fact, that after the action was made, people could evaluate results of it and according to submitted conclusions analyze faults, weakness or even unpleasant effects. Therefore, human will have an opportunity to regulate the perceptions, emotions and behavior in the future, in order not to make the same mistakes. The writer states that a person thinks first, only then speaks and expresses the thoughts, though it is not right. This false is made by the human brain, which is an alteration of the right order of causes and their effects. As well, Heinrich von Kleist emphasizes that man’s life is the struggle with a fate, and all the ways, which are suitable for wrestling also will be good for this fight. He exemplifies, according to which man should act first, as a fighter does in a battle, and reflects in retrospect (Miller 217). As an example it could be a sportsman who almost win as he have no time for thinking things over, everything that is expected of him is to act quickly and to win.

The similar thoughts are presented in Marvell’s poem, where the main hero addressed to his lover’s desire for control and compliments. Later the narrator changes his logic and starts trying to make the real world full of problems and even pushes the mistress away. Therefore, his supplication to the woman for acting first, and after that reflection forces her to destroy all the moral limits. In this situation, the ability to think things over should be first, though it will prevent adverse consequences for the lady. Nevertheless, the author strengthens hero’s belief by the powerful and eloquent words that they cannot cave their love and be together physically, though they have to make their feelings disappear. As follows, there are two characters in the poem: hero, who acts first and forces his lady to do the same, and heroine, who thinks things over after rather than before an act.

Heinrich von Kleist said marvelous words about human life that it is a competition with fate (Miller 217). This point of view is perfectly suitable for my experiences as an international student. People’s life is a struggle not only the destiny, but with themselves as well. It is necessary to have a great courage for studying in the foreign state with different society, traditions and relationships. Therefore, my decision was guided by long reflections and weighing the pros and cons, which led me to the United Stated. Thus, human life is a contest with the fate, which has to bring joy and happiness; and it can be won by the man who risk.

In addition, nowadays it is more typical for the society to to act first and reflect after the actions. It cannot be said that this kind of realization has its advantages and disadvantages. Human life is too shirt to spend all of it in uncertainty and hesitation hesitating. It is better to live in the present day and be confident, fight with the fate, act spontaneously and take the best out of life, and draw the conclusions afterwards.


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