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Responsibility for the Future

I.  Key Concepts Obtained from the Assigned Reading

Herman Miller system

Speaking about the key concept from the assigned reading I would like to underline that the main question for leadership is “why?” not “how?” (Pree, 2005).  Herman Miller system includes five important key factors: business is profitable, less employees more productiveness, innovations, “abandoning oneself to the strengths of others” and the fifth is that Herman Miller is a place with integrity. All these key factors have one common thing: diversity. Only with the recognition of the diversity and the responsibility, real leader can has a chance to provide a meaning, fulfillment, and purpose, which are important not even in private life.

Define the reality

According to Max De Pree, leaders do not inflict pain; they bear pain (Pree, 2005). To the main responsibility belongs the ability of the leader to define reality, became a servant or debtor. Only after this, say thank you and recognition for the work done. However, the idea of all is to show that the main factor is the way of thinking, which determines results (Byrne, 2006). Leaders need to be able to understand and leave after legacy and assets, which often helps to compare leaders with the providers.


Moreover, the main role of the leader is to create values and save them in the organization. The values supposed to be clearly understood and agreed. In this the way they have influence and shape the corporate with the unique behavior. Values are the markers, which help to identify and develop future leaders. This ability shows whether institution is open to influence and open to change (Pree, 2005).


The maturity of the leader helps him to communicate, put efforts on self-development and develop others. De Pree mentions that work is a privilege. However, for the meaningful role the employee should feel and understand that each opportunity is a commitment, both, for personal and professional. So participative management helps to create the vision for the employees and bring up the inner and personal philosophy about the people. In this case, everyone is able to make decisions and attempt to understand the result as the final point. This helps to create health relationships within the small company or corporation and with the customers.


Responsibility is often the crucial step in trusting each other. None is able to know everything. All people are different and the same. All they gifts differ. As differ the way they can be implemented. In the book Leadership is an Art, Max De Pree says that the best working people in the organization are like volunteer (Pree, 2005).

II. Merits and Demerits of the Assigned Reading


Despite fundamental thing in organizing and managing the corporation, everyone has a right. The right to use ones gifts as a part of the right to be needed. This follows the right to be involved, the right to be a part of the covenantal relationship, the right to understand that together we can do more, than separately (Pree, 2005). Everyone has a right to affect someone’s destiny starting from discovery and evaluation of the person’s gifts and then promotion involving the person. The opportunity of contribution is often the key element of the health relationships. The contribution can be measured according to the previous standards. However, there is an opportunity to change these standards according to the opportunities of the employee.  This means “to care” - both for working people and their realization.

The corporate system helps to organize the production and people. Therefore, the right to appeal is important part of it. The employees need to know that they can appeal any time. However, the appeal needs to be well grounded. Otherwise, uncertain situation puts under the question the ability of leader to be responsible. For employees often it is important to make a commitment, to be a part of something important for them, so they can proudly say “I belong here” or “I am a part of it”. All these rules can be compared to necklace: as soon as it stays complete, the necklace looks brilliant. Though if it brakes, there is nothing in it despite small piece of glass.

In the book The Effective Executive the author claims, that “knowledge workers do not produce a “thing”, they produce ideas, information, concept” (Drucker, 1993). For leader in this case is important to forget about the hierarchy as a part of developing. To avoid nonsense the best way is participation. No one knows everything. The best way is to develop with the employees and develop them too. In this relationship, the preference is by the synergy, where one and one is three. While formula of the cooperation is, one and one are two. 


While reading I did not find any assertions or arguments that made me feel weak or inaccurate. Max De Pree’s work is well organized. The structure of the material allows reading it from beginning to the end and vice versa. The examples help to understand the peculiarities of each idea. Moreover, ideas are often highlighted and are in the context. Nevertheless, one thought kept in mind is that before the reading the reader should understand if the time is appropriate. Otherwise, all ideas and methods will not be understandable and maybe even rejected. This helps immediately find them. I think it would be presumptuous of me to second-guess his views without comparable firsthand experience of my own.

III. Relevance of the Assigned Reading

I definitely use this knowledge not even in my occupation, though in my everyday life. Being a leader does not mean that you can press the button on at work and turn it off after the workday is has finished.

Leadership is a choice, an opportunity and a burden at the same time. People often confuse leadership and management. However, the etymology of the word gives deeper understanding. Leadership consists of to important words: lead and ship. Only the captain of this ship chooses where to go and how to rule his ship.

As the matter of fact, leadership is a process within the state. One can develop leadership skills, but this does not mean that this person is a true leader. There must be a root and a feeling of the moment right here and right now. These helps to concentrate on important things and develop yourself every time, when there is an opportunity. Moreover, it is necessary to give opportunities to others and help them to grow in personal and professional spheres of life. 

Behind the responsibility, leadership develops confidence as a matter. It is easier to communicate and deal with confident person, who knows what she wants from life, instead of trying to understand what the whimper is trying to say. The language of leaders is clear. The tone and the speed of the language express confidence. This is important, especially if there is a terrible need to manage tasks fast. In addition, it is important to explain clearly the vision and the strategy of the community, company or even corporation using simple words. Only in this way people will have feeling that they are contributing. Usually, people are not using pompous words. The language of the workers is simple.

Leadership for me is an opportunity, which is a personal will to grab or pass by. However, this does not mean that every opportunity is important. Some can happen and will not have an expected result. Others can stay aside and have a huge influence. That is why it is important to define the reality. Leaders are acting sustainable. The perspective they have is every time with them. Some can call it picture; others prefer to name it inner state of being. I prefer to lead instead of waiting. 


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