Jan 25, 2018 in Research

Robertson Davies

We all have slumbering realms of sensibility which can be coaxed into wakefulness by books(Davies, R.).

Indeed, Robertson Davies is one of the most brilliant brains that the world has ever had.   Davies was born in Canada. He grew up to be the most distinguished man of letters, not only among Canadians but also abroad. The aim of this work is to give deep consideration to one of his utterances “we all have slumbering realms of sensibility which can be coaxed into wakefulness by books”. Literature is one of the most important tools, everyone should be armed with. As Davies puts it, literature is the only weapon which can change  a person completely, and make them understand people around and the world in its entirety. Reading can awaken people to intellectual activity. It breaks the dormancy which may be experienced in their lives (Judith, S.G.). In this regard, everybody should consider reading as an indisputable aspect of life which can enable them to interact with the rest of society.

Literature, as the mirror of society, includes a lot of educative and informative content. Properly applied, books can make life a more blissful experience. Therefore, it is implied that everyone should consider reading as an element of cultural development. Only the habit of reading books may teach us to appreciate literature. According to Davies, all people should be encouraged to love reading. If it happens, they will find a variety of books, which will offer them the most memorable experience. And such an experience will be never taken away from them (Richard de, B.).

Human mind works in a peculiar way. Studying different kinds of literary materials is one of clear ways to reinforce it. Many artists believe that reading changes life. Due to studying literature only, humans can come out as critical creatures, well-informed about the world. Books contain almost all necessary information about different kinds of topics. This fact allow to state that books organize minds of readers at all times, thus making them conscious creatures, who can use their minds as the main source of information (Rugg, J.).

I can agree with Davies on assertion that love of literature is the right way to develop a personality. Reading can also be the chief source of pleasure. As it has already been highlighted, it does not only entertain but educates and informs. Therefore, anyone, who is willing to change their attitude towards life, should consider reading as a priority (Mayor, H.). Due to it, people can get knowledge, which can be beneficial both to those people and to the rest of society. Generally, reading gives us an opportunity to understand and evaluate different points of view.    Love of books is a very important cultural element, with which everyone should be armed.  Literature is a very powerful weapon that will make everybody prepared to face life fearlessly (Parker, R. & J. Kenneth).

However, I would like to suggest that human beings should not restrict their reading habits to a specific area. In order to liberate human minds from the yoke of slumber, people must learn to love all sorts of books. It will help them to be brilliant people, considering life from a more informed, impartial and critical point of view. In the long run, they will be valuable members of society, who do not just believe but objectively critique everything.


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