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Research Essay on Situational Irony

According to Nordquist (1), situational irony involves an occasion in which the action that is envisaged has an effect which is opposite to what it was intended at. He notes that, in such cases, the outcome of the action taken is normally contrary to the expected results. This is due to the fact that the results of situational irony normally recognize the unfairness of a given incident which a person cannot typically explain using logics, but which is so obvious to those evaluating the situation. Nordquist (1) points out that situational irony primarily focuses on both the surprising and inevitable fragility of the human condition in which the results of actions taken depict the reversal of what is expected. Therefore, situational irony entails incoherence between what an individual says, believes, and does with what the actual things are. This paper narrates a situational ironic incident.

The Situational Ironic Incident

Mike is the only child in a family who has struggled for many years using cultural practice and medicinal intervention in order to get a child. From the onset of his conception and then birth, Mike’s family regarded him as a gift from God and hence offered him better living standards. Mike’s parents wanted him to be successful in life, and therefore, offered him every quality services with a view of bettering his future. However, despite his parents’ efforts, Mike ended up being a clown. This was largely contributed by his nature of joking around since his childhood.


As Oliveri (1) pointed out, a clown refers to a cosmic performer who entertains audience by engaging jokes, antics, or tricks in a circus. Mike then became one of the best known clowns who not only loved his job, but was also good at it and, therefore, did not think of the possibility of any misfortune arising out of his job. As Oliver (1) noted, a good and professional clown not only makes audience laugh, but he or she is a renowned true performer who has many talents and whose main objective is to make people happy. Therefore, dressed in his colored wigs, stylistic makeup, and outlandish costumes, Mike would perform either physical, hysterical or scary tricks such as walking on a fine line. This would make him to be an outstanding performer who normally catches people’s emotions and transformes them into happy endings especially through exciting jokes.

Event though Mike’s parents disapproved his occupation, they continuously warned him to be careful with his tricks so that he would not fall victim of the actions he engages into. However, not too long after, Mike’s parents received a call from the hospital noting that their only son, Mike was dead. On the way to the hospital, Mike’s parents kept on calling their relatives asking if they knew of any terrible accident or murder that had occurred. They ruled out the possibility of the death to have been caused by any disease since Mike’s health had not previously shown any symptom of infection. Equally, the death could not have resulted from his occupation since he was a renowned professional clown. Amazingly, on reaching the hospital, Mike’s parents were surprised to find out that Mike had died from choking on a balloon. This was really ironical.


In conclusion, Mike’s incident depicts a situational irony right from its beginning when he opt into an occupation which was contrary to better educational and living standards he was given. Besides, the incident is ironical because Mike’s parents, who were against his occupation, still offered cautionary advices to him which is contrary to what would be expected. Moreover, it was so ironical for Mike, a professional clown with immensely talented tricks and jokes, just to die from choking on a balloon or something. Even though, the unusual nature of the circumstances surrounding Mike’s incident are obvious, there is no known logical and clear understanding of their explanation. 


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