Jan 25, 2018 in Research

The Great Impact of the Internet on Our Life

The research paper examines the role of the Internet in everyday life in order to show if it really has a great influence on it. The aim of it is to show the advantages and disadvantages of using Internet in different spheres of human being’s life.

Nowadays our daily life is greatly influenced by technique. Every day we are to deal with computers, multimedia and different electronic devices. Especially the Internet plays a vast role in our life.

Internet is a medium of the future, and it is really hard to argue this fact. It has become an essential part of our life, and for some people it is just impossible to imagine their lives without the
Internet. Other ones do not approve so wide use of the Internet, asserting that the latter have a tremendous impact on all the fields of human being’ life and can cause a big havoc replacing the cultural heritage that was achieved by thousands of years. However, despite the existence of people who reject using of the Internet, it does not minimize its great contribution in the development of everything all over the world.

So, the Internet changed our life greatly since the time it was invented. There are a number of advantages which depict the importance of the new medium. It is well known fact that major scientific discoveries were made with the help of the Internet. It is impossible to call some other technology that managed to give us a possibility to e-mail, to go shopping, to enter a library, to buy airline tickets, to book a room at the hotel, to travel around the world and to do even more things, without leaving our homes? As for me, it is up just to the Internet.

As I have already mentioned, the Internet touched all the fields of human being’s life, such economy, politics, social life, education and so on.

Some special role of the Internet is in education. There are a lot of debates concerning the usage of the Internet in the terms of education, which raise a question of a better way to gain knowledge – via the Internet or with a help of traditional methods of education, which has stood the test of time. Taking into account the key advantages of the education via the Internet such as faster and easier search of the required information, better presentation of information, more individualized studying process, it is really hard to find some better method of education. However in my opinion there is just one disadvantage of the education through the Internet. As a matter of fact, the Internet cannot replace a vital students’ interaction, full of impressions, feelings and emotions. We are human beings and it is natural for us to have a need in the active communication, during which we exchange out emotions. Besides, sometimes it is more pleasant to lie in bed reading an exciting book, instead of reading online pages.

The internet has also a great impact on the politics and political system of our country.

People can make voting decisions using the Internet. Besides, many political parties consider the Internet to be a faster and cheaper way to find out the issues which are the most important for the masses. However when it comes to making any kind of decision, we should be regulated by our own judgements but not just by the information received from the last blog.

Speaking about the impact of the Internet on the economic sphere I should admit that the Internet is a big economic boom in our country as well as all over the world. Now the task of reaching worldwide customers is much easier for all the companies and businesses. The Internet became a tool of almost all the corporations for studying the trend of business and for executing economic decisions.

As for a social sphere of our life, it is appropriate to assert that the Internet also greatly influenced our society and culture. All we need to do we can get just by the clicking of the button. As for me, all this sounds great, but there is one dark side of it. Everyday some minor are involved with a sex offender in online chartrooms, what can have a deplorable aftermath.

So, as everybody can notice from everyday life, computers really provide an incredible impact on all the spheres of human being’s life. Thus, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of it, I can say that I am convinced that it proves to be respected and widely used. Its advantages predominate over the disadvantages, and we receive more help than havoc using the Internet.



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