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Women’s Health Center

The dismal performance of the Women’s Health Centre is a clear indication of laxity in the management of this facility. Although it was initially one of the most prestigious medical care providers, it has since lost its prestige. As was reported during the stake holders meeting, there has been a declining rate of patient enrolment here. This is a clear indication that many people have now lost confidence in its management. Basically, this must just be attributed to the declining quality of services offered to the patients (Kotler, A.P., 2006).

At the same time, many people might have lost interest in the facility as a result of the emergence of more modern facilities. Usually, such entrances pose a very stiff competition which needs feasible initiatives to be taken by the management in order to regain the lost glory. At the same time, it may mean poor marketing of the organization to the potential clients. Surprisingly, the challenge has persisted even after the hiring of more sales executives to carry out an extensive marketing for the facility (Green, B., 2006).

I would like to suggest that these initiatives have not bore fruit because there was no proper coordination of all the concerned stake holders. It seems that the management has not yet discovered the real cause of this problem, thus, explaining why even attempts to increase the number of sales agents to carry on the work of marketing the facility, did not help at all. In this regard, I would like to suggest that the management should be made accountable and committed to their duties. If everyone is made responsible for themselves, they will be obliged to render quality services to the patients. Eventually, more people will be attracted into the hospital because they will be expecting to get high quality services which will satisfy their demands.

SWOT Analysis

Having close links with Harvard University’s Medical School makes the Children’s Hospital, Boston be highly regarded in the society. However, this has not come to be since it has lost its glory. It has faced a lot of challenges which have greatly affected its prosperity. These include reduction in the number of patients visiting the facility to seek for medical attention. Notably, since 1982, there has been a steady decline in the number of inpatient days in the hospital. Although it specializes in pediatric, it has been having very few patients streaming in to seek for treatment (Pearson, H.A., 1991). This is a very challenging situation which needs to be addressed with immediate effect. Deliberate efforts should be taken to mitigate such a situation. This can be done by divestment, retrenchment and harvesting.

Opting for the disposal of part of the company assets may help to provide a solution to this problem. It will bring a financial cut to the organization hence helping in reducing unnecessary expenses especially at this time when there are a few customers being served. Meaning, it will be uneconomical to own equipments which are not being used. On the other hand, the management can decide to lay off a section of the work force. This will enable it to have a few competent employees who will deliver quality services to the patients visiting the facility. At the same time, this will help the hospital to minimize expenses spent on salaries and the wages of its employees.

I would like to argue in favor of retrenchment as the most appropriate strategy because it can help the hospital to only retain highly qualified and committed staff. More over, it will enable the hospital to get rid of the many workers who may be attached to the organization, but having no specific duties to perform (Madigan, M.M.J., 2006). After all, there are just a few clients who can be served by the remaining personnel. If this is done, the Boston-based facility will be in a better position of offering quality services which will appeal to its clients. As a result, it will experience a massive growth.

America Online Inc. and WebMD

Of course, American Online and the webMD are very resourceful online sites which provide a lot of information of medicinal value. They not only provide opportunity to the medical practitioners, but also to the general public to easily access such a data. Therefore, anyone interested in acquiring medical knowledge can just log in to the site and access as many sources as much as he can (Christensen, C.M., 1997). At the same time, it can enable these readers to engage in forums in which they can discuss more about a given issue of medical concern which affects them.

These sites are so useful to the family practitioners and specialists in many ways. First, it can enable them to easily access all sorts of information they are looking for. This can be essential to them when studying about a given disease or conducting a research aimed at providing remedial measures to a certain problem in the society. The data collected from such sources can provide background information useful for carrying out a literature review and analysis of the subject. If this is done, the research will be more authoritative, sound and valid because it will be based on facts (Steel, E., 2007).

Granting opportunity to the professionals to engage in forums, discussions and seminars can be of a great help. It will allow these people to come together and share ideas which will then be translated into practice. It is only through such forums that individuals can come together to share and disseminate information. All these can be used to improve service delivery to the people.


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