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Exploratory Research and Findings

The study applied exploratory research through in-depth personal interviews of two students in the college population. To arrive at the participants the research employed probability-sampling procedure, which attained representative in a short time. It employed skip interval approach, which enabled us to select two students to be included in the study. The participants of this study consisted of two students who attended various restaurants during the semester. Data was collected using personal interviews. The interview was prepared using simple English so that the respondents would easily understand, interpret, and respond to it. For the convenience of the respondents, the facilitator was used in the collection of student's perception and knowledge of the dining hall with the campus.

The first personal interview targets a female student and the second one target a male student both within the campus. Both interviews entailed different aspects of consumer behavior, which includes, awareness, attitudes, perceptions, likes and dislikes, and purchase behavior. The interview also ensured dimensions of service quality, which are the, tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. The interview contained questions concerning dining hall and eating habits of the student. The first two questions dealt with awareness of the students with respect to the existence of the dining hall. The second and the third question inquired on frequency while the fourth and the fifth dealt with issues concerning habit and style of eating. The sixth and the seventh interview questions analyzed participant perception and knowledge of health issues and its connection to the chosen restaurant. The last two questions were directed to the role cost play in the participants chosen restaurant and the existence of eating plan.


After conducting the interviews we explored the students' awareness, choices, likes and dislikes, payment plans and the perception towards the dining hall in respect to quality of services in the following areas; reliability, tangibility, responsiveness empathy and assurance. The perception and frequencies are used in analyzing the raw data in the personal interviews. Gap analysis in respect to response were used in making comparisons basing on, awareness, attitudes, perceptions, likes and dislikes, and purchase behavior of the respondent. The results were summarized and discussed while recommending and suggesting areas for further studies.

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The outcome of the exploratory research is of great importance to campus and restaurants owners on how to modify and conduct the current practices while improving services provided to the students. The study-combined analysis of student's satisfaction and management schemes and it can be concluded that the success of the dining hall research will depend on its publicity. After analyzing the interview, and basing on the respondent answers, it is evident that dining publicity within the campus is still very low in that the first respondent has never heard of it while the second respondent knows about but has never used it. From this excerpt, the dining hall project should increase the number of signs and billboards within the campus. On the issue of perception, like and dislike, both respondent mentioned quality and time as issues that will determine if they can use the dining hall. In addition, none of them has ever used the facility, hence it was hard for them to give concrete answers in respect quality of the services. The research was comparative hence, service quality dimensions scores lower with respect to promptness.

Concerning frequency, both the respondents rarely eat within the campus, this leads to further research in quest of the reasons why students rarely use the campus facilities. The other findings on issues concerning eating single or a group, the respondent showed that they enjoyed having company while eating. On the decision on where to eat, the female respondent uses previous knowledge on specific restaurants whereas the male student response was irrelevant. From the interview, the students seem dynamic on issues concerning health, where to eat, and the cost. Finally, considering the payment behavior and meal plans, both respondents do not have any meal plans and mostly uses their cards to pay for the meals. The exploratory research showed that the success of the dining hall requires many factors, which includes, adverts, and campus civic education in order to improve on the perception of students towards using the facility. Further research is warranted on why students are not on meal plans.

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