Excellent Expository Essays Topics: Write an Outstanding Essay

Unless you have exceptional expository essays topics to choose from, it is not possible to write an exceptional essay of this type.


Comprehensive List of Topic Ideas to Get Your Expository Essay Started

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essays on Celebrity Life

  • Is the life of a celebrity as great as it is portrayed? What are their lives really like with so much attention from the mass media?
  • Why does Lady Gaga really dress as she does? Is her attire purely for the purpose of attention-seeking?
  • The change in Miley Cyrus' personality.
  • The current controversy surrounding the Cyrus since the divorce news broke.
  • How Paula Deen came under scrutiny and lost sponsors as a result of a race-related incident for some years back
  • The marriage problems of Jason Aldean and why he decided to end his marriage.
  • The decision by Justin Bieber to perform a birthday number while naked and in view of an elderly member of his audience.
  • Crimes committed by celebrities and why famous people are not as severely punished as non-celebrity offenders.
  • A lot of celebrities get offered "deals" with regards to punishments for various crimes although these options are not usually offered to non-celebrity offenders.
  • Reasons why celebrities who re-offend get less severe sentences than non-celebrities.

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essays on General Issues

  • The American court system is not exactly hard on deadbeat or negligent mothers.
  • Why DUI (drunk under the influence) offenders should not have the rights they currently enjoy.
  • Sometimes, people who are guilty of vile or serious crimes spend less time in jail than people who violate their probation. Why does this happen?
  • In many (or most) cases, fathers who seek custody of their children are not successful even where the mother is a danger to her children.
  • Many elderly people are poorer now than was the case in the 20th century.
  • A lot of police (i.e. law enforcement) officers do not abide by the traffic laws they are employed to enforce.
  • Many people who do not have genuine ailments, such as those with chronic migraine that cannot be proved, receive social security payments.

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essays on History

The subject of history is a compulsory one for almost every student, whatever their major. This is because it is essential for educated people to be at least aware of the most basic events in history. When writing an expository essay on the subject of history, it is important to remember that this subject covers important inventions, the development of various countries, and personalities who really made their mark.

  • Who or what organization was responsible for mass terrorism in the twentieth century?
  • What impact did the invention of newspapers have?
  • Why are negotiations important during periods of military activity (i.e. operations)?
  • There are currently some military operations taking place in East Asia. What dangers surround these operations?
  • Describe the significant events that occurred in the lead-up to the American Civil war.
  • What consequences did the USA experience as a result of WW2?
  • What were the key moments in the political life of John F Kennedy?
  • Throughout its history, the USA has made considerable technical advancements. Explain the significance of this progress.
  • Why do certain countries choose Communism as a system of governance?
  • The USA suffered an event known as the Great Depression. Describe this period.

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essay on Literature

In most literature classes, the task that students are most frequently given is that of writing an essay about a work of literature they are currently studying. There is a discrepancy in the aspects of a class that students pay proper attention to, not least when they are required to read and analyze a poem or book. Some students only take notice of a book's characters while others are interested in the way the actual work was created. When you have to write a literature essay, it is important to first define the aspects you most want to analyze. Here are some possible topics to get you on your way:

  • Thinking about your favorite book, which features of the author's writing style are innate to that particular author?
  • Who has influenced the author's style of writing?
  • Can the author's cultural background be attributed to any particular nation?
  • What is the background or history behind the central idea in the book you have chosen?
  • How do the motives of the protagonist compare to those of the antagonist in this book?
  • Will this work be beneficial to future readers and scholars and, if so, how?
  • Describe the subtext of the work from a psychological perspective?
  • How has the author dealt with any social issues in his or her book?
  • Does this book display any signs of a specific genre e.g. the detective or romantic genre?
  • How has the author developed the idea of modernism in his or her work?

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essay on Medicine

  • Is it necessary for every single misdiagnosis to result in a lawsuit?
  • While companies that provide healthcare insurance cannot turn customers away, it does not necessarily mean everyone can afford the required level of cover.
  • Why do patients who do not have health insurance get different treatment to patients who are covered by insurance?
  • Why do visits to hospital emergency rooms cost so much even when an ailment is minor and no tests are needed?
  • Although doctors are obliged to take the hypocritical oath, this does not have any real bearing on the way patients are sometimes treated.
  • Is it possible to calculate how much a ten-minute consultation with a patient at his or her office really costs a doctor?
  • It is worth checking the bills you receive from a hospital since many institutions are prone to double-billing patients for items.
  • Doctors can be inclined to push patients towards certain medications for the financial benefit of particular pharmaceutical companies.
  • Patients should beware of herbal supplements since these are sometimes used to help companies profit without conducting any FDA studies.
  • Would you really classify Fibromyalgia as a disease?

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essay on Personal Experiences

One of the easiest ways to come up with an essay topic is to draw on one's own personal experiences. This is an opportunity for the writer to share his or her feelings on a particular issue or to explain a phenomenon they are aware of from their experiences. Themes based on personal experiences make good material for an academic paper because the writer has plenty evidence to draw on without making much effort.

  • What is your favorite place for taking a vacation? Why do you like going to this place?
  • What living with a pet is like.
  • How your life is influenced by music.
  • The first day you spent at a new school.
  • Describe the first experience you have had of work. What knowledge and skills did you acquire from this experience?
  • How would you define what a true friend is?
  • Describe how your professional and personal development has been impacted by a favorite mentor or teacher?
  • Describe a hobby you really enjoy and explain how another person could learn the same hobby.
  • Explain how your courage levels improved by studying away from your parents.
  • Describe how your personality has been influenced by having (or not having) a sibling.

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essay on Politics

  • Is it really legal to force people to buy health insurance?
  • Which is the right option for people who are unable to pay for healthcare insurance - a fine or a jail sentence?
  • Are your taxes really used for the benefit of the country or to support the financial failings of a badly managed system of government?
  • Is it a failure on the government's part not to be able to financially support the country's service personnel who sustain injury in the line of duty?
  • The law protects a number of government agencies.
  • Would it not be better for the government to let the public know about its flaws instead of covering them up?
  • Why are residents forced by their states to pay a double amount of tax - in both the city where they live and the city where they work?
  • Why are people who do not have children required to pay school tax in their cities of residence?
  • A number of national news providers are prone to attacking government officials for "no reply" answers.
  • Should the government of the USA be more forceful in making other nations deal with their own problems?
  • Is the nation's security being adequately protected?
  • A lot of people still cannot afford Obama Care, which means it remains unaffordable.
  • The only reason tea party demonstrators arrange protest marches is to get the attention of the media.
  • When Generation X reaches retirement age, social security will have been abolished.
  • The government is guilty of hiding information about the country's real financial situation.

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essay on Restaurants

  • There is only 35% meat content in Taco Bell's ground beef.
  • Some fast food outlets overcharge for requesting changes to orders e.g. ordering extra sauce, asking to change sauce, or requesting the addition of cheese, more sauce(s), and so on.
  • The cost of one tomato slice (in sandwiches) is $0.30 in some fast food outlets.
  • Many pizza outlets, including Pizza Hut, habitually use frozen dough. Why do they do this?
  • The mixed salads used in Olive Garden's "signature" salads are bagged rather than fresh.
  • The slogan "Eat Fresh" as promoted by Subway is false since the chain's meat is not sliced on its premises.
  • An ammonia-based solution is used to wash beef in McDonald's.
  • The mixture used in McDonald's chicken nuggets is a "pink-colored slime."

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essay on Science and Technology

These days, technology advancements occur at a very rapid pace. New information on the latest technological and scientific developments becomes available on a daily basis. Therefore, if it is your aim to find a serious topic requiring meticulous research, it makes sense to select something that concerns the scientific or technological field. Even if it is the case you are studying the Liberal Arts, you should find a great choice of interesting topics in this sphere.

  • What are the current causes of environmental pollution?
  • It is expected that global warming will have many long-lasting effects. What are these?
  • What alternative energy sources are currently popular?
  • Why must we humans start using solar energy to a greater extent?
  • Humans should continue exploring space.
  • What are the most recent developments in the quest for a cancer cure?
  • Why it is critical for everyone to have even some basic IT knowledge these days.
  • What is the quickest and cheapest way of curing a cold?
  • What are the most recent developments in the study of the human brain?
  • Why are studies related to "black holes" significant?

Topic Ideas for an Expository Essay on Social Issues

Essay topics that deal with social issues are an excellent solution if you want to impress an audience with real identifiable material. All you need to do is consider the various social issues in your own community or neighborhood and you are sure to get topic ideas there. Indeed it is quite difficult to run out of social problems to write about since new issues are constantly emerging.

  • What modern-day hobbies can be harmful to teenagers?
  • Why is tolerance in workplaces extremely important?
  • Dropping out of education early can have many consequences. What are these?
  • Why is the number of teenage pregnancies increasing all the time?
  • Why do people abstain from voting in elections and what are the effects?
  • Why is the wearing of school uniforms important from a societal viewpoint?
  • Identify three important things you would like to see changed in your own social circle and why these changes should be made?
  • Since the emergence of the Internet over twenty years ago, what communication changes have taken place?
  • What social issues tend to lead people to become addicted to drugs?
  • When brothers and sisters fight a lot, what potential consequences might there be?

Once the First Draft of Your Expository Essay is Written, What Is Next?

It is worth bearing in mind that you still may not have a really successful essay just because you have one draft written (this also applies to high IQ geniuses!).Allow sufficient time to re-read your work to make sure all the basics have been covered.

For example, have you formatted your essay correctly? Is your thesis statement good enough? Have you included enough examples and evidence to support each of your points?

Have you read back over your essay several times and done so much revision you are wondering if you should even submit it? If that is the case, maybe you should ask the editors atBest-Writing-Service.netfor assistance.

We wish you the best of luck!