How to Design a Simple PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Slide Design

If you want to pleasantly surprise your professor at the lesson, you can create Power Point slides for your class presentation. If you want to make your presentation stand out among the other presentations prepared by your group mates, you have to follow certain guidelines. This article will provide you with comprehensible directions on how to make your presentation outstanding and memorable. So, let us get it started.


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Making First Steps

As you open MS Power Point, the first thing you will see will be a blank slide at the center of the window. There you will notice a space for a title and a subtitle (there will be two boxes - a smaller one at the top and a bigger one at the bottom). Actually, this is the first page, from where you can start creating your presentation. It is not obligatory to fill in the two boxes and provide the title and the subtitle - you can actually delete them and place any text wherever you like. Do not oppress your creativity with the templates.

Just for you to gain better understanding of how this thing works, I will type "Title" in the title box and then replace the subtitle field with a graph from my document. To write text in one of the fields, you simply have to click inside the box and start typing.

Organizing Slides

The "subtitle" field is designed for typing in text. If you do not want to insert text in here, then remove the box: click on its edge (it will thus become highlighted) and then click "delete" on your keyboard. If you want to provide a picture on the slide, click on "Insert" located on the menu bar and select "Picture" from the list. When uploading pictures, make sure they are saved on your computer. If you will need to run your presentation from a flash drive, then make sure to copy the picture to your flash drive because otherwise your slide will be blank.

If the picture you have uploaded is too big (and it takes up the space of the whole slide), you can easily make it smaller by dragging it with the pointer.

Adding New Slides

Now that you have designed a perfectly looking title slide for your presentation title, you can add more slides for the body of your presentation. Look at the menu bar at the top of the page, click on "Insert" and then choose "New Slide" from the list. As soon as you click on it, you will see a blank slide that looks somewhat different from the title one. Here you will notice new markers for the fields, so such structure will help you organize the slides. At least, you will know what information you can place there. However, as in the previous example, you are free to use your imagination: you might as well delete the fields and organize the slide the way you want.

Bullet Points and Paragraphs

It is really convenient to organize the text in forms of bullet points or separate paragraphs (preferable brief paragraphs). Such layout of slides helps your target audience to perceive the information without confusion. Actually, there is already designed bullet points format on some slides. However, you are always free to add bullet points or delete them any time you want with the help of menu bar.

The bullet points are organized automatically. After you have written the first point on the list and then pressed "Return" on your keyboard, the next bullet point will automatically start.

Designing your Slides

Your slides will look rather plain if you have just text. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to add some design to the slides. You can change the color for the font or background to make it more attention grabbing and professionally looking.

After you have typed the text and prepared the core information for your slides, go to menu bar, click on "Format," and then click on "Slide Design." There you will see possible options of what your slides can look like. You can actually apply numerous designs to see how your presentation will look like after completion and only then choose the best one. After you have agreed on design, do not forget to save the document to accept the latest changes.

Try to Watch Your Slide Show

Preview the presentation you have created with the Slide Show option. Click on "View" and then on "Slide Show" on the menu bar. Your presentation will appear straightaway. To navigate the changing of slides, use arrows on the keyboard or click with the mouse. To return from slide show mode, click "Esc" on the keyboard. As you see, creating a presentation is not a challenging task.

Preview the presentation you have created with the Slide Show option. Click on "View" and then on "Slide Show" on the menu bar. Your presentation will appear straightaway. To navigate the changing of slides, use arrows on the keyboard or click with the mouse. To return from slide show mode, click "Esc" on the keyboard. As you see, creating a presentation is not a challenging task.

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The Latest PowerPoint Trends – Welcome Them in 2020!

When you are entering the market race, you need to keep abreast of the latest developments. PowerPoint presentations can do a miraculous job, when you have a business and want it to flourish.

Throughout 2019, PowerPoint kept developing new functional features and refining its design to meet the growing demands of its users. Now at the beginning of 2020, you can finally see what the company has managed to achieve! We will discuss several major themes, including infographics and flat design. We will also mention the new transitions and the issue of minimalism. With these updates included in PowerPoint, your presentations will definitely look better and more effective. Use them to display the sources of competitive advantage offered by your business entity!

So, let us start with minimalism. This is one of the most triumphant features that defined the direction of structural developments and innovations for PowerPoint in the past year. Fewer options now actually mean more options! A new trend is reducing the amount of text and increasing the number of images and graphics. It will make your presentation better!

Below we will highlight three more trends that will affect PowerPoint presentations throughout 2020.

  1. Minimalism: it means that you will need to focus on the most important information in your slides. Also, you will need to include speaker notes or record your voice. 3D effects are no longer feasible. Forget them. This year, PowerPoint will be using and promoting the value of the so-called “flat foil design”. Thus, you will choose among infographics and two-color templates, or you can use both. This is one of the key dimensions of minimalism this year.
  2. Infographics – visuals create new rules of the game: you need to reduce the amount of text and switch over to using visuals. Most people are not interested in your writing. They do not want to read the text. Of course, it does not mean that you will not use any text at all. However, you will need to be more balance and restrain your urge to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a novel. Reducing the amount of text is one of the best things you can do about PowerPoint in 2020. Also, forget about conventional diagrams and charts. Use infographics instead!
  3. PowerPoint transition: morph transitions are yet another valuable feature developed by PowerPoint in 2019. It is gaining popularity all over the world. Using morph transitions in 2020 is a must. When your presentation has so many images in it, these transitions will enable you to shift from one image to another. It will also help you if you want to use more images in your project. For example, take several images and locate them in different spaces of the slide.

Coloring Your PowerPoint Presentations

Now review our tips to help you manage the color scheme in your works. Colors are everything, so do not neglect an opportunity to improve the choice of colors in your project!

These are the main principles to follow in PowerPoint.

  • Make sure that the color scheme matches the purpose and content of your PowerPoint. The colors you use should support and reinforce the message sent to the audience. Are you delivering some serious business idea, or are you communicating some fun things?
  • Make sure that the color scheme you are using makes you look different from other projects. For example, if you are working with fellow students, your presentation should be brighter and more creative!
  • Consider the needs and expectations of your readers. What are the colors or color schemes that you believe will best resonate with their interests and values? For example, if you are developing a presentation for business colleagues, the color scheme will not be the same as if you develop a presentation for your fellow students. You will most certainly use some basic tones for business and some brighter colors for students.
  • The Isaac Newton color wheel is a great thing, particularly when you need to choose a PowerPoint color. You will see different shades of the same color. Choose what you need!

Basic Trends in PowerPoint Design 2020

What are the newest trends in PowerPoint design for 2020?

PowerPoint constantly updates its basic and advanced features, making it more convenient for users to design and deliver compelling presentations. Now in 2020, minimalism is the motto. Use less text and rely more on images. The less text you have, the better! With more images, your presentation will be more vivid and livelier. You will keep your audience engaged, as long as you know how to use images. So, these are the trends:

  • Minimalism
  • Images
  • Morph transitions

An effective PowerPoint project will have the following components:

  • Coloring
  • Visualization
  • Structure
  • Optimization of text
  • Clarify and simplicity

Use PowerPoint templates to create a project your audience will remember for months!