How to Write a Good Extended Essay: Tips for Students

If you a participant of the IB Diploma Program, you are expected to learn how to write a good extended essay and demonstrate that you are good at composing this research paper aimed at independent analysis and effective presentation of ideas. An approximate length of an extended essay is 4,000 words, and it might be challenging to work on it without professional assistance and advice on how to make such essays great.  


IB Extended Essay Assignments: Valuable Tips and Recommendations to Remember

Every student understands that the professor gives a set of specific instructions that should be followed precisely; however, it frequently happens that the students disregard some of the guidelines either because of lack of care or insufficient experience in writing. That set of instructions typically includes the required number of pages, peculiarities of structuring, specific formatting specifications, and necessary aspects of the content to be covered. It is natural that a failure in following at least some of the given instructions may result in the lowered grades and even in the inability of the students to get the desired diploma. Moreover, it is a must for every writer to collect all the required information and mind the credibility of the used sources as those which are not reputable may contain wrong facts and false statements One of the requirements to an essay is using citations and it is important to do that properly, taking care about correct referencing and formatting. Besides, one must mind the structure of sentences, making paragraphs, using the right vocabulary, and proofreading the paper for all types of mistakes. Finally, the flow of ideas presented in the paper should be coherent and smooth. 

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It sometimes happens that the students find it complicated to select a perfect question to be raised in the essay. It is actually not an easy to task to complete and a reputable IB extended essay writing service can come to your aid, taking care of other essay aspects as well. First of all, read through an article devoted to the latest techniques of essay writing that can guarantee good grades and help you polish your writing. We want you to get a good start!

Issue 1 Reflect on your sources

Think about the task you have got and think twice whether you need help in writing the extended essay. You should realize that it requires the best sources selected after careful analysis of the available articles, books, journals, and online materials. They are used to make conclusions and you should doubt their credibility before you use them in your research. It is always wrong to be satisfied with the sources found at once. 

It seems to you that you have selected the best ever sources and you have found the most reliable information. Still, it would be right not to feel proud of yourself and make a break in your research, but to try and find the weak points in your paper. This process of identifying possible weaknesses resembles the one you have during the job interview when a recruiter asks you about the qualities you might lack. Seeing the drawbacks in writing may help you introduce the improvements next time when you have to produce some other essay. Then, your academic approach will be more effective as you will be aware of the problems, which are possible in the course of your research. Mind the objectivity of your approach to judging the essays. Be critical but not too skeptical. 

Try using one of the valuable checklists used to test whether you know how to write a good extended essay and use proper sources only. Those questions will guide you in your search for appropriate materials (i.e. Have you checked references for statistical data? Does the website used contain a lot of advertisements?). Do verification of every fact in your paper.

Issue 2 Use only academic approach

Although it may sound boring to use Google Scholar for the academic research, it is a valuable resource that the university professors recommend for the studies. Sometimes, even high school students can find it beneficial to make use of academic articles as they add to the validity of sources and credibility of their research. It is important to understand the ideas from the articles and then use them in your essays with the quotes required as one of the elements of credible writing. 

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Issue 3 Make sure you use a proxy

Hearing the term ‘proxy,’ you immediately think about a virtual private network (VPN) for facilitated web surfing and easier research online. For instance, you have chosen a topic related to a project of introducing a new organic agricultural product in the industry of Singapore, for instance let it be lettuce. Unfortunately, your search for sources is not successful and your next step should be looking for other sources, for example related to organic cucumbers, as a proxy research approach. A guide to writing a good extended essay would tell you that you can assume similarity between two markets for those products and use the data regarding cucumbers for your research on lettuce. 

Issue 4 Study all the criteria on extended essay writing

You have to know how the examiners are going to check your essay so that you could make it perfect in terms of content, formatting, structuring, and so on. Try to find answers to the following questions: What ideas can sound as the most impressive? What is the highest grade for the text and when is it given? Have you taken into consideration all the criteria? Are all the required sections included? It is helpful to discuss all the aspects that may bother you with your friends and your teachers. Try to find out if your interpretation of a certain criterion is the same as the one of the professor who will grade the essay. Try to be on the safe side. It is wrong to neglect the criteria for writing and you have to find a focus in your writing that will be beneficial both for the content of the essay and the grading the professors will give. It is obvious that you will not be able to predict all the reactions and guess which of the interpretations of the examiners will be right. Still, you can try writing IB extended essay following all the instructions or just order the text from the online experts and leave all the worries behind. 

Issue 5 Edit your piece of writing

It is not the most favorite activity among the students to read their texts. After you have finalized your writing, it may seem to you that you have done your best. Still, it is recommendable to take this piece of advice seriously and edit your essay. Some of the students’ papers submitted to professors are rambling, without any sense or interesting ideas. In some cases, they are repetitive and meaningless. They cannot be graded high and they bring disappointment both to the teachers and the students. Why does it happen? Most frequently, the students just collect the ideas and then combine them in a single text without checking whether the flow of idea makes sense. Now, when you have your paper done, take a pen and let us do the editing.

  • Try to find mistakes in spelling and grammar. 
  • Find all kinds of superfluous ideas and make the phrases shorter. 
  • Delete long passages that give repetitive ideas.  
  • Check whether you have used some sources without any in-text citations or the quotes that are not properly referenced. Your teacher will definitely point out at this drawback. 

You may leave all the negative things in the text of your paper, but you should realize that each correction done by a teacher but not you will lead to your losing some scores. We provide you merely with some general feedback, while you should be careful to every detail to make sure that the edited paper is much better than the one you have previously considered to be final. 

Issue 6 Find some samples of excellent extended essays and learn from them

One of the effective approaches to successful writing is checking on the samples of good papers and making conclusions on the basis of the papers done by professional writers. It is great to use the resources of exemplar essays and get inspired. However, you should be careful about actual use of the papers. Everything you can do is just getting inspiration and ideas how you could improve your own paper. It is absolutely wrong to plagiarize anything from the papers done by other authors. 

Online Service for IB Extended Essays 

Have you already learnt how to write a good extended essay? Have you got a list of particular guidelines and requirements that the professors give as obligatory to their students? Have you collected all the needed data and presented them clearly and efficiently? It is not easy to organize even the best ideas in a manner that would be characterized as perfect by the professor. You should be knowledgeable and well aware of the subject matter to have in-depth view of the issues and do thorough analysis needed for your essay. If you are not sure you can cope with that, consider the option of online assistance from professional experts in custom writing and get your assignment done for you.

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